I am trying to sell my shares but the ‘sell’ option is not available on the buy and sell screen

If you are trying to sell your shares online using the ‘Buy and sell’ screens and a ‘sell’ option does not appear for a share you hold there are several possible reasons for this:

  • You already have an active order for this share. If you’ve already placed a limit order or stop loss order, your shares will be ring-fenced for that order. If you want to sell them rather than waiting for the limit or stop loss order to execute, you’ll need to cancel the limit or stop loss order first in the Active orders screen.
  • The shares cannot be dealt online. Some overseas shares can only be dealt over the phone. Please call our dealing services team on 0345 37 33 479 to complete your order.
  • You are transferring the shares to your account and they haven’t yet settled. If you are transferring the shares over from another provider, they’ll show in your portfolio but will only be available to sell once they’ve settled. When your transfer is complete, you’ll receive an email to confirm and then you will be able to sell them. You can also keep track of the progress of your transfer by logging in to your account, and clicking 'Transfers'.