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Your dividend guide for Q3 2021

After the ravages of 2020, FTSE 100 dividends are in touching distance of their pre-pandemic peak. But with mining firms accounting for five of the six biggest forecast dividend growers, how significant could recent slumps in copper and iron ore prices be? And how worried should you be about concentration risk?

Read Q3’s dividend dashboard to find out. Every quarter, we aggregate the forecasts from leading city analysts to create a comprehensive overview for income-seekers. All in one easy-to-digest PDF.

Q3's report tells you:

  • The latest forecast for FTSE 100 dividend growth in 2021
  • Which stocks are forecast to pay the biggest dividends, and how to assess concentration risk
  • What's fuelling record company profits forecasts
  • How to understand ‘dividend cover’, and why it’s improving
  • The 15 ‘dividend aristocrats’ with the best long-term dividend growth record

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