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Dividends are set to smash records in 2019. But who’s paying the highest yields – and can they keep it up?

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A new decade, a new dividend record – the FTSE 100 is forecast to pay out more than £91.1 billion* in 2020. So which companies are paying the most? And do they have the dividend cover to be as generous in 2021 and beyond?

We reveal all in our very latest dividend dashboard. Every quarter, we aggregate the forecasts from leading city analysts to tell you which companies have the highest forecast dividends, which sit in the dividend sweet spot, and which lurk in the dreaded dividend danger zone.

All in one easy-to-digest PDF.

The report for Q4 highlights:

  • The FTSE 100 dividend forecast for 2020, and how it compares with recent history
  • The 10 companies forecast to have the highest yields in 2020
  • What 'dividend cover' means, and what level of cover to look for
  • The 25 'dividend heroes' who've grown their dividends for 10 years or more

*Source: Sharecast

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