Not sure where to invest?

Save time with our simple investment ideas

Investment ideas

Choosing where to invest your hard-earned wealth can be tricky. Especially if you don’t have the time to fully research all the options, or know where to start.

That’s why, at AJ Bell Youinvest, we offer three investments ideas to make things easier. Our low-cost investment ideas can help you build a hard-working portfolio – without having to work hard yourself.

Need help deciding how to invest?

AJ Bell funds

Growth funds Income funds

Six low-cost multi-asset growth funds which track the main markets

Two income funds which invest in high-yielding investments

No-hassle just choose how much to invest and leave the rest to us

  • Our dealing chargeBuy: nil
    Sell: £1.50

    Annual fund chargeGrowth funds capped at 0.35%*
    Income funds capped at 1.00%*

    Our custody charge0.25% pa**

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No need to manage or rebalance your portfolio - we do it for you

Choose from a range of growth or income funds to suit your risk level

Easy to use

Growth funds Income funds

AJ Bell Ready-made portfolios

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Four portfolios created by our investment experts

Choose the portfolio that suits your risk level or adjust it to suit you

Investments added to your portfolio for you to manage

  • Our dealing chargeBuy: £1.50 per fund
    Sell: £1.50 per fund

    Annual fund charge0.6-0.8% pa

    Our custody charge0.25% pa**

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Manage and rebalance the portfolio yourself

Made up of actively managed funds

Diversified portfolios built by experts

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AJ Bell Favourite funds

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A list of over 70 standout funds, researched and chosen by our investment experts

Funds cover a wide range of investment types, sectors and geographical regions

  • Our dealing chargeBuy/sell: £1.50 per fund
    Buy/sell: £9.95 per ETF

    Annual fund chargeVaries by fund

    Our custody charge0.25% pa**

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Build and manage your own portfolio

Funds chosen by our experts

Fund reports provided to help with your research

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* Includes AJ Bell fund management charge of 0.15% pa

** Fund custody charge tiers down to zero based on value of funds you hold. ETF charges are capped per quarter. View our charges and rates

Important information: The AJ Bell Passive funds, AJ Bell Ready-made porfolios and AJ Bell Favourite funds list are not a personal recommendation. The AJ Bell Favourite funds list is provided to help you choose your investments. You may own funds which are not included in the list and this does not mean that we are recommending that you sell the fund. If you are unsure about making your own financial decisions or are looking for advice you should speak to a suitably qualified financial adviser.

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