This area will help you to understand the nature and size of the risks that you face when you invest in a SIPP, Stocks and shares ISA, Lifetime ISA, Dealing account or Junior ISA, including the risks involved in holding certain types of more complex investments. It also details the risks to consider when saving via our Cash savings hub.

Our accounts are offered on an “execution only” basis. This means that you make your own investment decisions and we don’t give you advice about what to do. We do provide information about investments to help you make your own investment decisions but you should not consider this as a recommendation. If you are not comfortable about making your own investment decisions then these accounts may not be right for you.

The tax rules that we refer to here and in other places on our website are those that apply now, they can change over time and any tax benefits will depend on your personal circumstances at the time. You should bear this in mind when making investment decisions.

The information in this area should not be seen as advice and, if you are still unsure if these accounts or investing is right for you, you should seek help from a suitably qualified adviser.

SIPP risks
Stocks and shares, Lifetime and Junior ISA risks
General investing risks
Complex instruments risks
Cash savings hub risks