Bring the whole family together

Family linking

We know how difficult it can be, outside of Christmas, to get the whole family under one roof. But with AJ Bell Youinvest, you can at least manage your family’s investments in one place – with family linking.

Family linking lets one person either view or manage their family members’ accounts. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and it makes the tricky business of managing your family finances feel easier.

And if you install our mobile app, you can manage your family's accounts even when you’re out and about.

How does it work?

Family linking works by nominating an Account Lead, and giving them ‘view only’ or ‘dealing’ access to each account you want to link. ‘View only’ access means they can see the family member’s investments, ‘dealing’ access means they can also place deals on their behalf.

One type of account you can’t include in family linking is Junior ISAs. That's because a Junior ISA can be managed only by the parent or legal guardian (the 'registered contact') who opened the account – who will already have full access to it.

Once family linking is set up, the Account Lead can see all the accounts they’re linked to by logging in to their account as usual and clicking 'View account'. You can view each account separately, or click 'View all' to see them all together:

Family linking

How do I set it up?

To get started, fill in our family linking form. The Account lead will need to fill in and sign the first page. Then each family member will need to sign and confirm whether they want to grant the Account Lead ‘view only’ or ‘dealing’ access.

Once we’ve received the form, we’ll let you know when family linking has been set up. When it has, you’ll be able to see the family members’ accounts that are linked to yours.

Legal representative

If you have an attorney or a deputy with the lawful authority to act on your behalf, they can manage your AJ Bell Youinvest account(s) for you. To do this, they'll need to open an AJ Bell Youinvest account of their own if they don't already have one. Then they'll need to complete and return our Legal representative form.

Important information: You should be aware that if you give a family member or representative dealing access to your account, you are giving them permission to make dealing decisions on your behalf, which may put your capital at risk.

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