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IPOs and new issues

Current IPOs and new issues

Title Issue type IPO status Closing date
Tellworth British Recovery & Growth Trust PLC Share Offer Share offer Open Mon, 05/10/2020 - 12:00 Find out more

Please remember that investing in IPOs carries a high degree of risk. The value of your investment may fall significantly after the security is quoted on the open market and you may not get back all the money that you invest. Any decision to invest in an IPO, share offer or retail bond launch should be made solely on the basis of the information contained in the Prospectus, and any supplementary information. We do not offer advice on the suitability of any IPOs for you. Should you require financial advice please consult a suitably qualified financial adviser. Any notification of an IPO on our website is not an endorsement of the issue, nor is it solicitation for interest in the issue.

Potential IPOs and new issues

The IPOs listed below are subject to change and some IPOs may not be offered to retail customers. If you have a query on an upcoming IPO please contact our Dealing services team on 0345 37 33 479.

Company Description
Guild Esports eSports company Guild Esports, part owned by David Beckham, is planning a London IPO next month.
Various Eateries Upmarket restaurant group Various Eateries plans a £25m float on AIM by the end of September.
Alvarium Home REIT

Alvarium Home REIT, which aims to provide housing for the homeless, plans to raise £250m in a stock market float.

Tellworth British 'Best of British' investment trust Tellworth British Recovery & Growth plans to raise £100 million in an IPO.
Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Energy efficiency income investment trust Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure hopes to raise £200 million in an IPO next month.
Mode Group UK fintech company Mode plans to list on the main market of the London Stock Exchange in early October.
Umuthi Healthcare

Tech led healthcare business Umuthi Healthcare has announced plans to list on the main market of the London Stock Exchange.

Zim Israeli shipping company Zim has reportedly hired investment bankers ahead of a potential London listing.
Sloane Developments

Sloane Developments, the UK subsidiary of Irish power plant operator Kibo Energy, could list in London by the end of the year, City AM reports.

Proof of Trust Blockchain company Proof of Trust said it is working on securing 'high-profile partnerships' ahead of its listing in London.
Kaspi Kazakh finance firm Kaspi could seek a $700m London float once the coronavirus crisis calms down, reports Reuters.
Jordan's Fine UAE-based paper products manufacturer Jordan's Fine Hygnienic Holding plans to float in London in 2021.
Zapp Scooters

Clean tech company Zapp Scooters plans to raise up to £3.5m by floating on NEX.

TNG Australian metals company TNG plans to list in London this year.