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Funds can make investing easier. No picking individual stocks and shares, no spending hours researching individual companies. But there are thousands of funds to choose from – spread across multiple sectors, regions, asset classes, and investment strategies. How do you begin to know which to choose?

That’s where the AJ Bell Favourite funds list comes in. We’ve surveyed the markets and picked out the funds we think are likeliest to provide your portfolio with an income, or with medium- to long-term growth. The list is chosen by our experts, is regularly updated, and features only funds that offer a combination of the following:

  • Low-cost - and great value
  • Proven track record compared to benchmark and peers
  • Quality fund management team

With the help of our handy filter tool, you can find the right fund to meet your criteria – whether that’s fund type, fund sector, or investment goal. But before you go ahead and invest, make sure you do your own research too. That includes reading factsheets, analysts’ ratings and reports, as well as Key Information Documents (KIDs and KIIDs).

Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios introduces the AJ Bell Favourite funds list

The AJ Bell Favourite funds list is designed to help you choose your investments, but isn’t a personal recommendation. You may own funds not included on the list – this doesn’t mean we recommend that you sell them. If you’re not confident about making your own financial decisions, or are looking for advice, you should speak to a suitably qualified financial adviser.

The range of AJ Bell funds is included in the search tool below. The AJ Bell funds have been created to make investing simpler and to save you not just money, but something just as valuable: time. You can also view our complete list of funds by using our Fund screener tool.

  • How do you choose funds for the AJ Bell Favourite funds list?

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NameSectorFund mgrs' charge 3 yr return Yield GoalFund typeIncome freqOCF rangeFund size range
AJ Bell Income and Growth fundMulti-asset1.00-- Income,GrowthajbellMonthlylt1pt5lt100m0
AJ Bell Income fundMulti-asset1.00-- IncomeajbellMonthlylt1pt5lt100m0
AJ Bell Passive Adventurous fundMulti-asset0.35-1.63 GrowthajbellSemi-annuallyltpt5lt100m4
AJ Bell Passive Balanced fundMulti-asset0.35-1.95 GrowthajbellSemi-annuallyltpt5lt100m2
AJ Bell Passive Cautious fundMulti-asset0.35-1.78 GrowthajbellSemi-annuallyltpt5lt100m0
AJ Bell Passive Global Growth fundMulti-asset0.35-1.30 GrowthajbellSemi-annuallyltpt5lt100m9
AJ Bell Passive Moderately Adventurous fundMulti-asset0.35-1.88 GrowthajbellSemi-annuallyltpt5lt100m3
AJ Bell Passive Moderately Cautious fundMulti-asset0.35-1.87 GrowthajbellSemi-annuallyltpt5lt100m1
Allianz Gilt Yield IncUK government bonds0.322.931.33 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallyltpt5gt1bn0
Artemis Strategic Bond AccStrategic bonds0.594.663.69 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1gt1bn0
Artemis Strategic Bond IncStrategic bonds0.594.763.78 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1gt1bn0
Artemis US Select AccNorth America0.8719.950.26 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Artemis US Smaller Companies AccNorth America0.8920.20- GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1lt500m0
Baillie Gifford Global Alpha Growth AccGlobal0.5917.330.58 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Baillie Gifford High Yield Bond IncHigh yield bonds0.376.123.87 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlyltpt5lt1bn0
Baillie Gifford Japanese AccJapan0.6314.061.11 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Baring Europe Select Trust IncEurope (ex UK)0.8012.760.08 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Blackrock European Dynamic AccEurope (ex UK)0.9212.940.65 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
BlackRock Gold and General AccSpecialist1.17-1.220.73 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1pt5lt1bn0
BMO Barclays Global High Yield Bond (GBPH) ETFHigh yield bonds0.354.294.80 Income,GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt5lt100m0
BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond IncAbsolute return0.681.892.73 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1gt1bn0
BNY Mellon Global Income AccGlobal0.8010.702.95 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1gt1bn0
BNY Mellon Global Income IncGlobal0.8010.703.02 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1gt1bn0
Fidelity Asia AccAsia (ex Japan)0.9414.380.98 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Fidelity Emerging Markets AccEmerging markets0.9610.960.98 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Fidelity Global Special Sits AccGlobal0.9214.220.89 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Fidelity Index World Fund AccGlobal0.1212.941.82 GrowthTrackerAnnuallyltpt5gt1bn0
Fidelity Strategic Bond AccStrategic bonds0.662.491.88 Income,GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Fidelity Strategic Bond IncStrategic bonds0.672.471.99 Income,GrowthActiveMonthlylt1gt1bn0
First State Global Listed Infrastructure IncSpecialist0.7810.312.97 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
FP Crux European Special Situations AccEurope (ex UK)0.878.061.55 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Franklin UK Mid Cap AccUK equity0.8210.982.50 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Franklin UK Smaller Companies AccUK smaller companies0.8310.671.30 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1lt500m0
Invesco Asian AccAsia (ex Japan)0.9014.171.48 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Invesco Corporate Bond IncUK corporate bonds0.613.763.18 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Investec UK Alpha AccUK equity0.727.872.09 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
iShares Core FTSE 100 Dist ETFUK equity0.078.144.44 GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt5gt1bn0
iShares Core MSCI EM IMI Acc ETFEmerging markets0.1810.18- GrowthTrackerNoneltpt50
iShares Core MSCI Pacific ex-Japan ETF AccAsia (ex Japan)0.212.12- GrowthTrackerNoneltpt50
iShares Core S&P 500 ETF AccNorth America0.0714.79- GrowthTrackerNoneltpt50
iShares GBP Corporate Bond ETF DistUK corporate bonds0.23.482.52 Income,GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt5gt1bn0
iShares Global Government Bond ETFGlobal bonds0.22.541.14 Income,GrowthTrackerSemi-annuallyltpt50
iShares Japan Equity Index Fund AccJapan0.088.821.89 GrowthTrackerSemi-annuallyltpt5gt1bn0
iShares Overseas Govt Bond Index Fund AccGlobal bonds0.112.901.19 GrowthTrackerSemi-annuallyltpt5gt1bn0
iShares UK Equity Index Fund AccUK equity0.058.203.83 GrowthTrackerSemi-annuallyltpt5gt1bn0
iShares UK Property ETFProperty0.42.643.46 Income,GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt5lt1bn0
Janus Henderson UK Absolute Return AccAbsolute return1.051.31- GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1pt5gt1bn0
JOHCM UK Dynamic AccUK equity0.6810.303.93 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
JP Morgan Emerging Markets Income IncEmerging markets0.9011.493.69 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1lt500m0
JP Morgan US Equity Income IncNorth America0.7813.262.10 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1gt1bn0
Jupiter Asian Income IncAsia (ex Japan)0.989.953.59 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1lt1bn0
Jupiter UK Special Situations AccUK equity0.767.182.98 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Kames Ethical Cautious Managed AccEthical0.783.161.77 GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1lt500m0
Lazard Emerging Markets AccEmerging markets0.937.942.06 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1lt1bn0
Liontrust Special Situations IncUK equity0.8711.991.81 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Lyxor Core MSCI World ETFGlobal0.12-- GrowthTrackerNoneltpt50
Lyxor FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts 0-5yr ETFUK government bonds0.07-2.90 Income,GrowthTrackerSemi-annuallyltpt5lt500m0
Lyxor FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts ETFUK government bonds0.072.292.61 Income,GrowthTrackerSemi-annuallyltpt5lt500m0
M&G Emerging Markets Bond IncEmerging market bonds0.798.385.89 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt10
M&G Global Macro Bond IncGlobal bonds0.824.073.34 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt10
Man GLG Japan Core Alpha AccJapan0.9010.492.14 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Man GLG UK Income Professional Inc UK equity income0.9012.905.40 Income,GrowthActiveMonthlylt1gt1bn0
Man GLG Undervalued Assets AccUK equity0.9011.832.83 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Merian UK Smaller Companies AccUK smaller companies0.9414.810.65 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Montanaro UK Income IncUK equity income0.869.453.38 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1lt500m0
Polar Capital Global Insurance AccSpecialist0.8716.010.29 GrowthActiveNonelt1gt1bn0
Polar Capital Global Technology IncSpecialist1.1628.09- GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1pt50
Royal London Corporate Bond IncUK corporate bonds0.415.053.73 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlyltpt5gt1bn0
Schroder European AccEurope (ex UK)0.779.641.58 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1gt1bn0
Schroder Global Recovery AccGlobal0.8712.161.79 GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1lt500m0
SPDR ® FTSE UK All Share ETFUK equity0.27.90- GrowthTrackerNoneltpt5lt1bn0
Standard Life Investments Global Smaller Companies AccGlobal1.0517.49- GrowthActiveAnnuallylt1pt5gt1bn0
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders AccAsia (ex Japan)0.888.161.04 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability AccEthical0.899.910.52 GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1lt1bn0
TB Evenlode Income AccUK equity income0.9012.592.94 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
TB Evenlode Income IncUK equity income0.9012.303.01 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
TB Saracen Global Income & Growth DisGlobal0.999.363.24 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1lt500m0
Threadneedle UK Equity Income IncUK equity income0.836.194.19 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlylt1gt1bn0
Troy Trojan Income IncUK equity income0.874.474.14 Income,GrowthActiveSemi-annuallylt1gt1bn0
TwentyFour Corporate Bond AccUK corporate bonds0.394.263.60 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlyltpt5lt1bn0
TwentyFour Corporate Bond IncUK corporate bonds0.394.263.69 Income,GrowthActiveQuarterlyltpt5lt1bn0
Vanguard FTSE 250 ETFUK equity0.17.513.14 GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt5gt1bn0
Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex UK ETFEurope (ex UK)0.1211.063.00 GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt50
Vanguard FTSE Japan ETFJapan0.198.441.88 GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt50
Vanguard UK Inflation-Linked Gilt Index Fund AccUK government bonds0.156.59- GrowthTrackerQuarterlyltpt5gt1bn0
Vanguard USD Emerging Market Government Bond ETFEmerging market bonds0.25-4.65 Income,GrowthTrackerMonthlyltpt50

Select the fund(s) that match your investment criteria and then click Add to basket. Then use the Checkout button to buy the fund(s).

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Changes to the Favourite funds list

We regularly review the Favourite funds list to keep it up to date. Below are the funds we’ve recently decided to add or remove. Please keep in mind this list of changes is information only, and not a personal recommendation to buy or sell these funds.

July 2019
  • Janus Henderson UK Property PAIF Inc removed from the list due to continued outflows over a prolonged period of time
  • Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Acc removed from the list due to a falling fund size and increasing fund costs
  • Previous changes to the list
    April 2019
    • Schroder Tokyo Acc removed from the list following the announcement that the fund manager is due to retire
    • Lyxor Core MSCI World ETF added to the list due to its low cost and ability to track the index tightly
    • Vanguard USD Emerging Markets Government Bond ETF added to the list to provide a high-calibre passive offering to complement our active offering in this area
    • iShares Core MSCI World ETF and iShares £ Index-Linked Gilts ETF removed from the list as lower cost, better alternatives have been identified
    • BMO Barclays Global High Yield Bond (GBP Hedged) ETF replaced iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond ETF as it removes the impact of currency fluctuations
    September 2018

    We have undertaken an in depth review of the Favourite Funds list which has resulted in a number of changes being made. This has seen 11 new funds added to the list that we judge to be amongst the high quality in their field, while 10 have been removed due to us having higher conviction in alternative managers.

    The following funds have been removed:

    • Artemis European Opportunities Acc
    • Fidelity Enhanced Income Inc
    • Janus Henderson Fixed Interest Monthly Income Inc
    • JP Morgan Multi Asset Income Inc
    • Kames Investment Grade Bond Inc
    • LF Woodford Equity Income Inc
    • Majedie UK Equity Acc
    • River & Mercantile UK Equity Income Inc
    • Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Acc
    • Unicorn UK Income Inc

    The following funds have been added:

    • Allianz Gilt Yield Inc
    • Franklin UK Smaller Companies Acc
    • Janus Henderson UK Absolute Return Acc
    • JO Hambro UK Dynamic Acc
    • Jupiter Global Emerging Markets Acc
    • M&G Emerging Market Bond Inc
    • M&G Global Macro Inc
    • Montanaro UK Income Inc
    • Schroder European Acc
    • Schroder Global Recovery Acc
    • Troy Trojan Income Inc
    August 2018
    • Man GLG UK Income Professional Inc, TwentyFour Corporate Bond Inc, Royal London Corporate Bond Inc and Fidelity Global Special Sits Acc added to the list

    June 2018
    • VT AJ Bell Passive Global Growth fund added to the list following launch.

    May 2018
    • Vanguard UK Gilt ETF, iShares Core UK Gilt ETF and iShares UK Gilts 0-5yr ETF removed from the list as lower cost, better alternatives have been identified

    • Lyxor FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts ETF and Lyxor FTSE Actuaries UK Gilts 0-5yr ETF have both been added to the list

    March 2018
    • Invesco Perpetual Global Financial Capital removed from the list following a change in rating

    • Artemis Strategic Bond Quarterly Inc added to the list

    February 2018
    • River & Mercantile UK Equity Smaller Companies removed from the list following the departure of the fund manager

    • Franklin UK Mid Cap fund added to the list

    • First State Global Resources removed from the list following the announcement that First State intends to close its Global Resources capability

    • BlackRock Gold and General fund added to the list

    January 2018
    • BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker Fund Acc changed its name to iShares Japan Equity Index Fund Acc

    • BlackRock Overseas Govt Bond Tracker Fund Acc changed its name to iShares Overseas Govt Bond Index Fund Acc

    • BlackRock UK Equity Tracker Fund Acc changed its name to iShares UK Equity Index Fund Acc

    August 2017
    • Schroder Tokyo fund downgraded from AAA to A

    June 2017
    • Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Companies removed from the list following the departure of the fund managers

    • Unicorn UK Income fund added to the list

    April 2017
    • Invesco Perpetual Asian fund downgraded from AA to A following a change in the fund manager

    • GS Emerging Markets Equity portfolio removed from list following the departure of the fund manager

    • Fidelity Emerging Markets fund added to the list