What is an NCI and how can I find out what mine is?

All customers are required to give us a National Client Identifier or NCI. This is because we are required to hold and report this information to the regulator when you buy or sell certain types of investments. For UK nationals, your NCI will be your National Insurance Number.

If you’re not a UK national, the table below will tell you which information you need to provide instead. If your nationality isn’t listed, you’ll need to send us your national passport number.

Belgium Belgian National Number (Numero de registre national – Rijksregisternummer) Lithuania Personal code (Asmens kodas) or National Passport Number
Bulgaria Bulgarian Personal Number Latvia Personal code (Personas kods)
Croatia Personal Identification Number (OIB – Osobni identifikicijski broj) Malta National Identification Number or National Passport Number
Cyprus National Passport Number Netherlands National Passport Number or National identity card number
Czech Republic National identification number (Rodne cislo) or Passport Number Norway 11 digit personal ID (Foedselsnummer)
Denmark Personal identity code (10 digits alphanumerical DDYYMMXXXX) Poland National Identification Number (PESEL) or Tax Number (Numer identyfikacji podatkowej)
Estonia Estonian Personal Identification Code (Isikukood) Portugal Tax number (Numero de Identificacao Fiscal) or National Passport Number
Finland Personal identity code Romania National Identification Number (Cod Numeric Personal)or National Passport Number
Greece 10 DSS digit investor share Slovenia Personal Identification Number (EMSO: Enotna Maticna Stevilka Obcana)
Iceland Personal Identity Code (Kennitala) Slovakia Personal number (Rodne cislo) or National Passport Number
Italy Fiscal code (Codice fiscal) Spain Tax identification number (Codigo de identificacion fiscal)
Liechtenstein National Passport Number or National Identity Card Number Sweden Personal identity number
All other countries: National Passport Number

If you don’t have the required information, please contact us.