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Discover your inner investor and get saving for their university fees with our first-class Junior ISA

Junior ISA

As your child gets bigger, so do their expenses – from driving lessons to tuition fees to the deposit for their first home. A Junior ISA, however, can help their money grow as fast as they do. That's because, like an adult ISA, a Junior ISA is wholly tax free. And since the money is locked away until they turn 18, it has years to ride out any bumps in the road.

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  • Why choose our Junior ISA for your child?

  • Their money grows tax free

  • Invest up to £4,368 each tax year

  • Money safely locked away until they're 18

  • Buy and sell investments from just £1.50

  • Expert investment ideas if you'd like help picking your portfolio

  • Huge range of investment options if you're happy to go it alone

  • Get into the investing habit with our regular investment service

A guide to investing for children

You can give your child a head start in life with a Junior ISA or SIPP.

How does a Junior ISA work?

A Junior ISA (or individual savings account) is a tax-efficient way of saving for your child's adult life.

You can open a Junior ISA for a child if they're under 18, and you're their parent, or in a position of parental responsibility

As with an adult ISA, a Junior ISA shelters your child's investments from capital gains and income tax. You can put in up to £4,368 a year, letting you build up a tax-free nest egg for your child, who can access the money when they turn 18.

Only parents or quardians are able to open a Junior ISA, but anyone can pay into them (such as generous grandparents or friends).

Is a Junior ISA suitable for me?

The money in a Junior ISA is locked away until your child turns 18. If you think you might need earlier access, then a Junior Dealing account may be more appropriate.

Once you open a Junior ISA for your child, you become the ‘registered contact’, and are responsible for managing the account. Later, when your child turns 18, control of the account passes to them. So it’s important, for this reason, that you trust them to manage the money responsibly.

If your child also has a Child Trust Fund, you can still open a Junior ISA – but only if you immediately transfer their CTF to their Junior ISA.

Open our Junior ISA in minutes

The earlier you start saving into a Junior ISA, the better. And it couldn’t be easier to get started with our Junior ISA. You can open an account online in just minutes, and you’ve a wide range of shares, funds and other investments to choose from.

Or if you’re not sure which to pick, then have a look at our time-saving investment ideas. We've expert suggestions if you're seeking inspiration, as well as no-hassle funds that let you leave the day-to-day decisions to us.

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