Investment trust select list

Important information: The Investment trust select list isn’t a personal recommendation. So before you invest, it’s important to be sure the investment trust is right for you. Remember that the value of investments can change and you can lose money as well as make it. If you own an investment trust not included on our list, we’re not recommending that you sell it.

Investment trusts can be tricky to understand – and risky to invest in. On this page, you'll find a guide and videos to help you get your head around them. And to aid your research, we’ve created an Investment trust select list.

Our investment specialists have analysed the investment trust market, looking at factors including price, performance and size to create a list of 20 investment trusts. You can learn exactly how we selected our list below. Or if you’d like to browse the full range of trusts on our website, use our Investment trust screener.

Remember that investment trusts can be riskier than other types of collective investments (such as funds and ETFs), and you should hold them for the longer term. Before investing you should make sure you understand about investing in investment trusts including how gearing, discounts and premiums can influence the price of investment trusts.

Ryan Hughes, Head of Active Portfolios introduces the Investment trust select list

Please make sure you do your own research too. That includes reading factsheets and reports, as well as Key Information Documents. You can learn how much it costs to buy and hold investment trusts on our charges and rates page.

  • How did we choose this list?

Important information: Investment trusts can trade at a premium or a discount to their net asset value (NAV) and the table below shows the figure for each of the trusts. As stock market prices fluctuate day to day, and we’re taking a more long-term view we will not make regular changes to the list based on the premium or discount. However, if a trust is consistently trading at a large discount or premium, we will review the trust’s place on this list.

Investment trust select list

NameSectorOngoing charge 3 yr return Yield Discount / Premium
abrdn UK Smaller Companies GrowthUK smaller companies1.284.900.00-10.40
Baillie Gifford Japan Japan0.66-0.640.00-5.84
Baillie Gifford US GrowthNorth America0.687.970.00-11.04
CC Japan Income & GrowthJapan1.052.250.00-6.49
City of LondonUK equity0.385.660.002.31
Fidelity China Special SituationsAsia (ex Japan)0.946.260.00-7.23
Fidelity EuropeanEurope (ex UK)0.798.990.00-9.01
Fidelity Special ValuesUK equity0.766.310.00-6.94
Invesco AsiaAsia (ex Japan)0.999.994.68-13.48
JPMorgan Emerging MarketsGlobal emerging markets0.93.440.00-10.30
JPMorgan Global Emerging Markets IncomeGlobal emerging markets1.050.860.00-12.97
Polar Capital TechnologyTechnology0.8415.110.00-10.22
Schroder AsiaPacificAsia (ex Japan)0.866.990.00-10.28
Scottish MortgageGlobal0.3219.640.00-2.98
Securities Trust of Scotland OrdGlobal1.349.200.00-2.36
TR PropertyProperty0.581.810.00-2.31
Troy Income & GrowthUK equity0.920.460.00-1.69
Worldwide HealthcareHealthcare0.858.910.00-5.55
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