How do I place a limit order?

To place a limit order, just select ‘limit’ within the order type field on the buy & sell page. A limit order, simply, is an order to buy or sell a share at a specified price or better. You can keep a limit order in place for up to 90 calendar days, and you can amend or cancel the order on our website – or on our mobile app, by swiping on the order within the active orders screen. 

Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee that your limit order will be executed. Sometimes, circumstances may be beyond our control (for example, if market conditions are particularly volatile) and it won’t be possible to execute your order as requested. 

Also, if the investment you’re dealing in lacks liquidity, we may only be able to execute part of your order on a given day. If this is the case, and your order takes several days to complete, you'll get a contract note each day telling you how much of your order has been executed. For every day that your order takes to execute, our standard online dealing charge will apply.