Keep track of your investments with Mywealth


Want to stay on top of your finances – without wading through piles of paperwork? Mywealth could be the answer.

On just one screen, Mywealth lets you view all of your assets and liabilities. That includes your accounts with us, your accounts with other investment providers, your bank accounts, credit cards and loans, and any other assets of value you might have – such as artwork or antiques. You name it, Mywealth can help you keep track of it.

Completely free to use, Mywealth is a handy way to see where your wealth is concentrated, and manage your finances more effectively.

  • Convenient – see all your financial info in one place, both on our website and our mobile app
  • Comprehensive – include virtually every asset and liability you own, and get a complete view of your wealth
  • Cutting edge – coming soon, you’ll be able to keep your Mywealth data up to date automatically, taking advantage of Open Banking
  • Committed to your security – we employ the same industry-leading security measures that keep your AJ Bell Youinvest accounts safe
  • Constantly developing – we’re committed to developing Mywealth based on your feedback

How do I use it?

To get started with Mywealth, just enter the information for the assets and liabilities you’d like to add. Feel free to experiment with just one or two of your assets to get a feel for how it works.

At the moment, you'll need to edit the Mywealth assets and liabilities you add to keep them up to date. But we’re already working on a future release that can do this for you automatically – you’ll be free to choose whether to opt in.

All part of our ongoing mission to make it easier for you to manage your money.

Is it secure?

When it comes to your finances, security is vitally important. And of course, it's even more important when you're aggregating your information in one place.

That's why Mywealth – just like the rest of our website – uses 256 bit SSL encryption between your browser and our servers to ensure your data can’t be intercepted and read (to learn more about our security measures, see our Security Centre).

When, in the future, we introduce new functionality to make Mywealth more automatic, you can choose whether you want to opt in to these – or keep updating your information manually.

How do I get started?

Mywealth is free to use – you just need to have an account with AJ Bell Youinvest. To get started, log in to your account. You’ll then see your 'Portfolio Summary' table – in the row labelled Mywealth, just click ‘Create’. By creating a Mywealth account, you agree to the terms of the service.

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