Dealing account

How long does it take to withdraw funds from my ISA or dealing account?

Login to your account and use the ‘Withdraw Cash’ option to move cash to your nominated bank account.You should receive the funds within 5 working days.

Please note that once money has been taken out of the ISA, it cannot be paid back into any ISA if you have reached the annual ISA allowance limit for that tax year.

How can I gift shares to a family member?

If you wish to gift shares to a member of your family, such as the transfer of an investment to your spouse, civil partner or to your children please login to your account and send us a secure message detailing the investment(s) to be transferred and confirming that the transfer is to be treated as a gift. Please note stamp duty is not payable on investments transferred as a gift.

Can I move cash from my dealing account to other accounts I have with you?

Yes, you can move cleared cash held in your Dealing account to either your ISA or SIPP account. You just need to login securely to your Dealing account, select Manage My Account within My Accounts and then use the Cash Movement option to transfer funds to other accounts that you hold with us.

Please note that you can only move cleared cash. Monies paid into your Dealing account will take five working days to clear.

Can I set up a regular withdrawal facility for my ISA or dealing account?

Yes you can. You can choose whether you want to withdraw money monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually by completing either an ISA Cash withdrawal form or Dealing account cash withdrawal form and returning it to us.

How do I transfer my dealing account to another provider?

We would be very sorry to see you go, but if you want to transfer your dealing account to another provider at any time, then please call us on 0845 54 32 600 and we will explain the process to you.

You can transfer in cash, in which case you would need to sell all of your investments in the dealing account. Or you can move your existing investments to your new provider, this is called an 'in specie' transfer. Please note transfer out charges apply for in specie transfers.

Will you send me a tax certificate?

We will send you a secure message after 5 April each year to let you know that your tax certificate is available to view and download from your account online. To find this, you need to go to the administration section of the dealing site.

Is there a minimum investment I have to make into a dealing account?

You must put at least £500 into your dealing account if you are paying in a lump sum and at least £25 if you are making a regular payment by direct debit.