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Artificial intelligence: Over-hyped or future megatrend?

Thursday 24 May 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for decades but it has only recently exploded into the everyday vernacular. At a simplistic level AI is a set of computer science techniques that give your software super powers. AI has the capacity to create new businesses and opportunities, make our...

10 funds that outperform again and again

Thursday 17 May 2018

One of the best ways to pick funds is to look at the long-term track record and to see how a product has performed through different economic cycles. You should try and find out if a fund has been able to deliver again and again, and hasn’t merely had a few spectacular years to help lift the long-...

How much money can you make from investing?

Thursday 10 May 2018

Most people should be familiar with the fact that investing in stocks and shares (also known as equities) can often generate a greater return than cash. But do you have an idea as to how much money you can realistically make from investing? One of the big problems we’ve found over the years is that...

It's bonus time: How to start investing your free Lifetime ISA money

Thursday 03 May 2018

The first Government bonuses are now being paid into Lifetime ISA accounts, so how should you deploy the money? We discuss the potential strategies for individuals depending on whether you are saving up to buy your first home or keeping the money locked away until you turn 60. We debate the merits...

Five ways to play the stronger oil price

Thursday 26 Apr 2018

Oil prices are marking new multi-year highs as we write, supported by a larger than expected draw on crude stocks in the US and bullish comments from Saudi Arabia. Geopolitical tensions impacting major oil producing regions such as the Middle East and Russia have also contributed to the strength in...

All change: How new management can be good for companies and their share price

Thursday 19 Apr 2018

One of the key ingredients in the success or failure of a company is the quality of its management. When change at the top of a struggling company occurs, it can often act as a catalyst for an underperforming business and trigger a share price boost. Evaluating the skill sets of boardroom leaders...

Priced for perfection

Thursday 12 Apr 2018

It is fair to say that 2018 is shaping up to be a difficult year for investors. Stocks are volatile, and the market is in very unforgiving mood with even the hint of bad news prompting big falls in company share prices. Already this year funerals provider Dignity ( DTY ) announced a complete change...

Investing through the generations

Thursday 05 Apr 2018

The start of a new tax year is a great time to review your investments and ensure you’re building up money in the most efficient way possible. Thanks to the wide range of tax wrappers available, it’s possible for every generation to shelter their hard-earned savings from the taxman – and benefit...

10 investment trusts for your ISA

Thursday 29 Mar 2018

With the new tax year in full swing, now is the perfect time to start using your £20,000 annual ISA allowance. We've got 10 investment trust ideas in this article which should appeal to a wide range of investors. You can add up to £20,000 in new cash across the range of ISAs each year and avoid...

Saving the world: the companies trying to fight major diseases

Thursday 22 Mar 2018

One of the most unfortunate certainties of life is that it ends. Fortunately pharmaceutical firms are working on life-saving treatments to improve our quality of life and hopefully extend it. Investing in the pharma sector can be rewarding if a company develops the next big blockbuster drug but...

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