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Turn patience into profit

Thursday 15 Nov 2018

Compounding is a fundamental force, a bit like gravity. In fact Einstein is said to have called it the most powerful force in the universe. While gravity pulls a snowball downhill, it’s compounding that makes it grow bigger. As it rolls downhill the snowball collects more snow: the further it rolls...

How to avoid bad investments

Thursday 08 Nov 2018

Investors tend to spend most of their time looking for assets that will appreciate in value over time. Yet according to loss aversion theory, most of us get a bigger kick out of side-stepping disaster than picking runaway successes. We are not talking about share prices falling 15% or 20% as the...

Emerging markets: toxic or great opportunity?

Thursday 01 Nov 2018

Emerging markets haven’t been good to investors in 2018. Their meltdown has reflected a mounting trade war between the world’s two biggest economies, America and China, higher US interest rates and a strengthening of the dollar. Compounding the situation have been the currency crises and economic...

The magic ingredients: 2 simple rules to better investing

Thursday 25 Oct 2018

There are few truly great investors who reliably beat the market, and even they will admit they don’t get it right every time. Most investors, private and professional, are doing well if they can match an index over the long term. Even if you invest with a professional manager who does perform in...

Four market sell-off stocks that are now too cheap

Thursday 18 Oct 2018

Our best buy ideas in the wake of the global equity shake-out ASHTEAD IS A STOCK TO OWN NOT TO RENT Plant hire business unfairly affected by the sell off given strong returns and dividend track record Shares in plant-hire group Ashtead ( AHT ) have fallen more than 17% in the market rout. it’s main...

Market sell-off: repairing damage to your portfolio

Thursday 18 Oct 2018

If investors needed proof of the capricious nature of financial markets, you’ve had it in spades over the past seven to 10 days. It’s been bonkers. As we write the FTSE 100 is re-adjusting to the limbo levels below 7,000. At 6,995.91, this is the first time the UK index, representing Britain’s...

The smarter way to play the property market

Thursday 11 Oct 2018

They say an Englishman’s home is his castle and plenty of investors like the idea of retreating to the safety of bricks and mortar and pulling up the drawbridge during spells of market volatility. In this article we examine why it’s not necessarily that simple, plus we look at some smarter ways to...

The 25 most important companies in the world

Thursday 04 Oct 2018

There are many ways to build a list that ranks the most important companies to people. In its most straightforward sense, for investors that are still in work, your employer or own business is almost certainly the most important company to you since they provide your source of income and contribute...

Destination millionaire: Your journey to becoming rich

Thursday 27 Sep 2018

For many of us growing up, the idea of becoming a millionaire would have seemed a pipe dream which could only be achieved by winning the lottery or coming into an unexpected inheritance from a long-lost relative. However, making a million from the markets is a genuinely realistic goal. In this...

The best funds on the market

Thursday 20 Sep 2018

Last year (2017) saw a record-breaking £46bn of cash invested into UK funds, almost 600% more than in 2016 when initial fears about the UK’s decision to leave the EU caused investors to pull money out of funds in droves. It’s easy to see why funds are popular as you get exposure to lots of...

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