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Russ Mould

How to tell if the global economy can keep on trucking

Thursday 22 Oct 2020

Regular readers will know this column is a big fan of Richard Russell’s so-called ‘Dow Theory,’ which argues that if the Dow Jones Transportation index is thriving then the better-known Dow Jones Industrials index should flourish too. In theory, it can only be good news if the share prices of the...

Reasons why cryptocurrencies are creeping higher

Thursday 15 Oct 2020

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland’s Loretta Mester has raised the prospect of Americans having an account with the Fed, into which the central bank could directly pump digital dollars, thus bypassing the banks as the main mechanism for quantitative easing (QE). The European Central Bank has...

Predictions for a FTSE 100 earnings rebound look shaky

Thursday 08 Oct 2020

No-one can agree upon the origins of the quote, ‘hope is not a strategy’. This column cannot be sure and a trawl of the internet sees commentators attribute to everyone from former US president Barack Obama to film director James Cameron to former New York City mayor Rudi Giuliani to one-time Green...

Will Suga stoke returns from Japanese stocks?

Thursday 01 Oct 2020

Following the departure of prime minister Shinzō Abe for health reasons in September and his replacement by right-hand man and Liberal Democratic Party stalwart Yoshihide Suga, investors with exposure to Japan now have several questions to ponder. After all, the ‘Abenomics’ era, which began in...

Why bank stocks are getting bashed (again)

Thursday 24 Sep 2020

Fresh allegations from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) about money laundering at HSBC ( HSBA ) and Standard Chartered ( STAN ) , among other leading global banks, may pertain to wrong-doing which is already covered by previously-paid regulatory fines, according to...

Is oil still on a slippery slope?

Thursday 17 Sep 2020

Oil major BP’s ( BP. ) latest annual World Energy Outlook , released in conjunction with a three-day presentation from chief executive Bernard Looney and team outlining the oil major’s new strategy, offers three scenarios for demand for crude oil in 2050. They range from 89 million barrels a day,...

Will markets race higher after the St. Leger?

Thursday 10 Sep 2020

It has been a strange year for so many industries and thoroughbred breeding and racing has been no exception. Spectators have been barred from racecourses and major meetings have been moved from their traditional calendar slots. Some American punters will be wondering why they bothered with the...

What the race to the White House means for investors

Thursday 27 Aug 2020

Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Jacksonville, Florida are home to two of America’s National Football League’s 32 teams, the Green Bay Packers and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Owing to the pandemic, it is not clear at the moment whether gridiron fans will be allowed into their stadia at any stage this season...

Are commodities primed to shine again?

Thursday 20 Aug 2020

Copper’s surge from its spring lows to a three-year high at around $6,500 a tonne is an eye-catching development and one that will quicken the pulse of those investors who are exposed to miners, cyclical stocks or even equities more generally. The metal is malleable, ductile and a terrific...

Infrastructure could offer welcome shelter

Thursday 13 Aug 2020

Traditional portfolio asset allocation tends to start with equities and bonds, with a bit of a cash buffer thrown in, before thoughts move to areas that are designed to provide some diversification, in the theory (or hope) that their performance does not correlate with (or mirror) that of the other...