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Specialist fund TB Amati can help with growth companies

Thursday 21 Mar 2019

Many retail investors avoid small cap companies as there is a perception that the space is littered with too many inexperienced management teams, unproven business models and threadbare balance sheets. Then there’s the extra volatility and difficulties in even buying and selling these types of...

Is property primed for a comeback?

Thursday 14 Mar 2019

Property has been firmly out of favour with UK investors since the EU referendum in 2016. Panic about the effect of Brexit on the property market saw investors pull an eye-watering £1.8bn out of property funds in 2016, according to figures from the Investment Association. Meanwhile property...

Are bonds making a comeback?

Thursday 07 Mar 2019

Bonds have had to work hard for investors’ attention in recent years. At a time when equities have been strong (barring the final quarter of 2018) and paying healthy dividends to boot, bonds have seen their spreads squeezed and their attractions dwindle. UK investors pulled an eye-watering £2bn out...

How the next generation of fund managers are trained

Thursday 21 Feb 2019

Funds frequently become so synonymous with the managers that run them that if he or she departs or retires, an investor exodus follows. Yet the success of a fund is rarely down to a single person; often a deep bench of analysts and researchers contribute to the running of a successful portfolio...

How to judge funds without a track record

Thursday 07 Feb 2019

Investors are often told they should wait until a fund has a track record of at least three years before they trust their money to it. This is, it is said, long enough for the manager to prove that their strategy works and that the fund will perform as promised. But a fund needs money to invest in...

Fund managers take stock of the retail sector after festive trading updates

Thursday 31 Jan 2019

While the Christmas trading period was definitely challenging for the UK’s retailers, the festive period didn’t deliver the Armageddon scenario many commentators and analysts had expected. But as the dust settles on the frenzied festive selling season, what do some fund managers make of the sector’...

The case for investing in micro caps through funds

Thursday 24 Jan 2019

Macroeconomic uncertainties, the return of volatility and political turmoil suggest diversification will prove a key investment watchword in 2019. One way in which investors can diversify portfolios is by allocating funds to UK micro caps, often agile and fast-growing minnows offering better value...

Eight ways to invest in the thriving water sector

Thursday 17 Jan 2019

Water is an essential resource for life – no one can live without it. Beyond its basic functions of sustaining life, water is also a precious commodity. Its supply is limited and global challenges such as population growth, urbanisation and climate change are putting existing water resources under...

Where European stocks stand two decades after the euro’s launch

Thursday 10 Jan 2019

This month marks two decades since the introduction of the euro, when 12 European nations cast aside their own currencies to unite under a single coin. As the euro launched in 1999, investors saw spreads between core nations such as Germany and France tighten with those of peripheral members such...

Four investment funds to buy for 2019

Thursday 20 Dec 2018

We recognise that many investors prefer to buy funds rather than individual company shares and often miss out when various investment experts give their top picks for the year ahead as these tend to solely focus on equities. As such, we’ve asked Ryan Hughes, head of active portfolios at AJ Bell, to...