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Not everything is having a bad time. One fund is up nearly 18% this year

Thursday 12 May 2022

Barry Norris, founder of Argonaut Capital and manager of the long-short VT Argonaut Absolute Return Fund (B7FT1K7) , takes no prisoners with his investment style, an approach which reflects his interest in military history and strategy. Describing the fund’s first quarter performance, Norris quotes...

The majority of absolute return funds have lost investors money this year

Thursday 28 Apr 2022

So far in 2022 investors have had to stomach significant market volatility thanks to worries over rampant inflation, rising interest rates and, more recently, the war in Ukraine. Given the uncertainties ahead, including the impact of the Ukrainian conflict on the outlook for global growth as the...

Fund risk scores are not very helpful to investors

Thursday 21 Apr 2022

Risks hide in different places, in politics economics and elsewhere. Investing by its very nature is risky, as investments can be affected by shocks to the financial system, such as the financial crisis of 2008 or more recently the Covid crisis. European Commission regulations require fund managers...

Invest in micro cap funds for growth

Thursday 07 Apr 2022

In light of the implications of the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine, the global growth outlook has dimmed, which means now more than ever, portfolios should be as diversified by asset class as possible to in order to maximise returns relative to risk. Higher risk assets they may be, yet ‘micro caps’,...

Trusts beat funds when it comes to UK small caps

Thursday 03 Mar 2022

Look at the investment trust space if you want to outperform the market when it comes to investing in UK smaller companies. Using data from FE Fundinfo, Shares compared the sector performance to the FTSE All-Share and the Numis Smaller Companies indices. Only seven out of 17 open-ended funds in the...

The best UK All Companies funds benefit from flexibility

Thursday 24 Feb 2022

Over the last decade UK shares have lagged their global counterparts, in part thanks to the disruption from Brexit, and that is reflected in the performance of the UK All Companies funds sector. A recent shift in the market towards value suggests it could be time for this space to play catch up...

Revealed: the UK equity income funds which have topped the charts

Thursday 17 Feb 2022

Finding reliable dividend income in the UK equity market remains tricky despite the resumption of dividends by companies emerging from the pandemic and repairing their balance sheets. In this feature Shares puts the spotlight on some of the best performing UK equity income funds and investment...

Funds which go global for income

Thursday 10 Feb 2022

Despite the Bank of England’s historic decision to make back to-back interest rate rises, interest rates could still lag inflation for the medium to long term. This presents investors looking for income with a challenge. Returns were historically low even before the onset of the coronavirus...

The global equity funds which have beaten the market

Thursday 03 Feb 2022

The global equity fund and investment trust sectors contain some of the most popular vehicles with UK investors – including the likes of Fundsmith Equity (B41YBW7) and Scottish Mortgage ( SMT ) . The big appetite for international exposure should come as little surprise given overseas stocks have...

The best performing emerging markets funds

Thursday 27 Jan 2022

Investors may be wary of putting fresh money to work within the emerging market region given its recent poor showing. The performance of the benchmark MSCI Emerging Markets index on a one-year basis is -6.2%. Nonetheless from a longer time perspective, a very different picture emerges. On a three,...