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Understanding two well-known fund rating systems

Thursday 12 Sep 2019

Picking the best funds for your portfolio can be complicated given the vast amounts of data and opinion in the market. Private investors often find it difficult to discern which funds are most suitable for portfolio inclusion, or which stock pickers are the real deal. There are best buy lists out...

Throgmorton manager explains process for emerging companies fund

Thursday 05 Sep 2019

Investors will be familiar with the phrase ‘past performance cannot be relied upon as a guide to future performance’. These words, or something very similar, have become the investment industry’s ubiquitous risk warning. They are designed to make clear to investors that no matter how good an...

Know your fund: what’s inside Scottish Mortgage?

Thursday 22 Aug 2019

It has nothing to do with home loans and invests across the globe, Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust ( SMT ) is not one of those ‘does what it says on the tin’ funds. Yet the FTSE 100 trust is widely thought of as manager Baillie Gifford’s flagship and it has grown to become one of the most...

Know your fund: what’s inside Fundsmith Equity?

Thursday 01 Aug 2019

Following our cover story on the risks associated with ‘star managers’, in the aftermath of the suspension of the flagship Woodford Equity Income Fund (BLRZQ73) , we are launching a new feature looking at the UK’s most popular funds to analyse their investment process and their top holdings. As we...

Investors turn their back on absolute return funds

Thursday 25 Jul 2019

Investors have been pulling their money out of absolute return funds over the past year, as the sector has lost popularity. The past 11 months have seen consistent outflows from the sector, with investors pulling £5.4bn from the funds over that period, according to figures from the Investment...

Should I pick a manager’s fund or trust?

Thursday 18 Jul 2019

Fund managers who run both an investment trust and a fund to a similar strategy will usually outperform on the trust. A number of fund managers run both an investment trust and a fund, with many having the same strategy and a big overlap between their holdings. But how can investors work out which...

The fund with a disciplined approach to finding quality and value

Thursday 11 Jul 2019

Does a fund with more than 25% of its holdings in cash tell you the managers are fearful? In the case of JO Hambro Capital Management UK Opportunities Fund (B95HP81) it is a mixture of the managers believing the market is over-valued and to also have the capacity to pounce on any sudden...

Discover the hottest UK income funds

Thursday 04 Jul 2019

Dividends have always been important to investors. While there are many retail enthusiasts both willing and able to conduct the necessary research on individual income stocks, deciding for themselves what’s right for their own needs and portfolios, there are plenty of others with neither the time...

Micro-cap funds caught up in Brexit and Woodford liquidity fallout

Thursday 27 Jun 2019

Many micro-cap funds are struggling as investors shun the very bottom part of the UK stock market. Weaker sentiment towards illiquid stocks in the wake of the Woodford fund suspension also doesn’t help matters. The fund managers targeting this space remain confident there is value to be generated...

Five different ways to play the bond market rally

Thursday 20 Jun 2019

The bond market is back in favour as investors seek solace in fixed income amid fears of a potential recession in the near future. In particular, prices of US government bonds, known as Treasuries, have gone up in recent months thanks to increased demand fuelled by concerns about interest rates and...