The Shares team

The Shares team

Daniel Coatsworth

Daniel Coatsworth is the editor at Shares and has written for the publication since 2005. He is also the co-host of the AJ Bell Money & Markets podcast. His work has also appeared in many of the UK's leading newspapers, news websites and personal finance magazines. Daniel is an expert on equities and funds and is a leading commentator on financial education.

Tom Sieber

Tom Sieber has more than decade’s experience working in journalism. He started his career at the award-winning regional newspaper The Chester Chronicle and joined Shares 10 years ago.

At Shares, he specialises in the oil, gas, media, housebuilding and property sectors. Tom also manages the Spotlight supplement series.

Steven Frazer

Steven Frazer has written about London-listed companies, finance and business for around 18 years. He won the PwC UK Tech Journalist of the Year award in 2013. He is a qualified Diver Master, Spurs obsessive and Ska music fan.

At Shares, he writes about the technology, electronics and engineering sectors. Steven also runs the news sections.

James Crux

James Crux has been with Shares since 2011, having previously been the editor of Growth Company Investor and a writer for investment and business titles What Investment and Business XL.

At Shares, James writes about the retail, food/beverage, tobacco, personal goods and household goods sectors. He is also Shares’ funds and investment trust expert.

Ian Conway

Ian Conway joined Shares in October 2018 after more than 30 years in the City analysing UK and European companies. He enjoys reading financial papers and building spreadsheets. He also enjoys music, food and wine.

At Shares, he writes about supermarkets, banks, insurers, financial companies and the support services sector, as well as general articles about investing.

Martin Gamble

Martin Gamble joined Shares in May 2019, after more than 30 years managing pan-European funds for large institutions such as Royal Bank of Canada Asset Management and Hermes.

He enjoys reading financial history, travelling and backgammon.

At Shares, Martin writes about utilities, restaurants, pubs, gaming and pharmaceuticals sectors as well as articles about fund management and portfolio construction.

Yoosof Farah

Yoosof Farah joined Shares in April 2019, having previously been a reporter at Citywire magazine Wealth Manager. He has also written for construction magazine Building.

He enjoys travelling, trying new craft beers, and watching Manchester United (although the last one only sometimes).

At Shares, Yoosof writes about mining, chemicals, renewable energy, transport and travel, as well as infrastructure and exchange-traded funds.