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Investment Trusts

Why Scottish Mortgage won’t go the way of Woodford

Thursday 02 Jul 2020

Shareholders in FTSE 100 member Scottish Mortgage ( SMT ) have just voted in favour of the popular investment trust increasing the maximum percentage of privately-owned businesses in its portfolio from 25% to 30%. This is an important development for the trust for several reasons, one of which is...

Why investment trusts are reconsidering their dividend policies

Thursday 18 Jun 2020

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, dividend investors have had a rough old time of it. Quoted company after quoted company has cut or cancelled the shareholder reward. Against this backdrop the investment trust sector has acted as a partial safe haven. Income seekers have long been attracted...

Which trusts can weather the dividend cuts storm?

Thursday 23 Apr 2020

With UK companies suspending dividends left, right and centre, times are tough for income investors. One possible solution is to look to investment trusts. Many are sitting on significant revenue reserves which they can draw on during ‘rainy days’ to supplement their revenue and maintain dividends...

Infrastructure trusts have been a saviour to investors

Thursday 09 Apr 2020

Amid all the gloom and falling markets as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, at least one area of investment seems to be holding up relatively well. Mostly seeing smaller declines than the market year-to-date and maintaining their dividends, renewable energy infrastructure investment trusts will...

How fund managers are reacting to the coronavirus crisis

Thursday 02 Apr 2020

Just as retail investors are being forced to deal with significant disruption to the markets, so too professional fund managers are having to react to the new realities created by the coronavirus outbreak. In this article Shares talks to the people at the helm of two popular investment trusts to...

What to know if an investment trusts issues C shares

Thursday 26 Mar 2020

A little known share class called conversion, or ‘C’, shares recently had a moment in the sun when music rights investor Hipgnosis Songs Fund ( SONG ) issued them as a way to raise new cash. The investment trust, newly promoted to the FTSE 250, raised £231m in a C share issue so it could buy more...

Investment trust bargains created by the market sell-off

Thursday 12 Mar 2020

The global markets sell-off has more than doubled the average discount to net asset value on investment trusts, moving from 3.8% at the end of 2019 to 9.3% at the end of February, according to the AIC. That presents an opportunity for investors with an appetite for risk to consider buying trusts...

Dividend Hero investment trusts with the best and worst dividend growth

Thursday 05 Mar 2020

Investment trust ‘Dividend Heroes’ are those which have increased their dividends every year for at least 20 years in a row. Published by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC), this list reveals those closed-ended funds with the most formidable dividend growth records, although it doesn’t...

How fund managers look for reliable income

Thursday 05 Mar 2020

The quest for income is a challenging one in an environment of low interest rates but there are still plenty of assets which offer an attractive and reliable yield. In this article we take a look at where some of the experts are finding income opportunities. A DIVERSIFIED APPROACH TO FIXED INCOME...

Scottish Mortgage boss on big opportunities as shares hit record high

Thursday 27 Feb 2020

Shares in £9.6bn investment trust Scottish Mortgage ( SMT ) are trading at an all-time high of 659p, thanks in part to the soaring success of electric vehicle maker Tesla which is the largest holding in its portfolio. Tesla’s share price has gone up by 119% so far this year as investors react...