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The key reasons why Berkshire Hathaway is so successful

Thursday 03 Oct 2019

Best known as the investment vehicle of legendary value investor Warren Buffett and his business partner Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway has also produced remarkable returns for outside investors since the pair took over running the firm more than 50 years ago. Berkshire says its total gain in...

Nagging cash flow concerns mean Netflix’s shares aren’t worth owning

Thursday 19 Sep 2019

US streaming TV giant Netflix is one of those stock market ‘marmite’ stories; investors tend to either love or hate it. Even at a glance the bear argument is easy to grasp. Subscriber growth is slowing, competition is intensifying and large amounts of cash are needed to keep content fresh, while it...

How retailer Next is radically transforming its business

Thursday 12 Sep 2019

Leicester-based Next ( NXT ) has navigated through the tough retail environment by radically changing the shape of its business while maintaining a disciplined financial performance. The company has indicated that it expects more of the same over the next decade. Rather like a swan gracefully...

We explain how Google’s owner Alphabet makes its money

Thursday 05 Sep 2019

Google has become a major part of everyday life thanks to its range of sought-after products and services. To ‘Google’ has become an English verb to describe searching the internet, while many readers will own Android-powered smartphones or tune in to YouTube videos regularly – all part of the...

Gold is at a six-year high and this miner has taken full advantage

Thursday 22 Aug 2019

As gold continues to hit the heights, it would seem one miner of the shiny metal timed their entry to the market perfectly. Australian miner Resolute Mining ( RSG ) listed on the Main Market of London Stock Exchange in June, at a time when gold was hitting five-year highs of $1,385 per ounce. As we...

Southend Airport the key to unlocking Stobart's growth potential

Thursday 15 Aug 2019

Having featured more drama than a soap opera in the last few years, infrastructure and support services firm Stobart Group ( STOB ) is out to simplify itself. Formerly of Eddie Stobart trucking fame, those iconic trucks with female names like Tammy, Dolly and Suzie now belong to another company...

Why US-listed Verizon appears in so many UK investors’ portfolios

Thursday 08 Aug 2019

With more than 155m subscribers New York-listed Verizon Communications is America’s second biggest mobile phone network and its rough $232bn market value ranks it 21st in the S&P 500. It covers more of the US than any rival and its network is widely seen as the best quality available in its...

Why returns from Imperial Brands have gone up in smoke

Thursday 25 Jul 2019

Share in Tobacco manufacturer Imperial Brands ( IMB ) moved higher on a decision to make its dividend policy less generous. While this seems counter-intuitive the move went some way to alleviating concerns the company was paying out too much to shareholders and that its dividend growth was...

The key reasons why you need to invest in Microsoft

Thursday 18 Jul 2019

While everyone will know Microsoft as a brand, the inner workings of its business are perhaps less well known among investors even though it is widely held, either directly through shares or via investment funds. No company did more to seed the personal computing explosion in the 1980s and 1990s,...

Why Wizz Air wants to lower fares but increase extras

Thursday 11 Jul 2019

He made his name as the man who brought Pringles to Hungary. Now Wizz Air ( WIZZ ) co-founder and chief executive Jozsef Varadi is once again trying to create waves in Eastern Europe. The Budapest-based airline has expanded significantly as passengers across the region take advantage of the cheaper...