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Danni Hewson

Supermarkets’ fight goes beyond price

Thursday 20 Jan 2022

Shoppers might be salivating at the prospect of supermarket price wars but for investors the coming battle raises some interesting questions. Is price really the only weapon worth wielding, what kind of impact will the skirmishes have on profit margins, and can any of the traditional players really...

The opportunity ahead for get-fit stocks

Thursday 23 Dec 2021

It’s no coincidence that Christmas excess naturally gives way to resolutions of getting fit and fabulous. January is always the month when gyms get a bumper crop of sign-ups. But 2021 was different and whatever happens with Covid restrictions over the next few weeks, 2022 is shaping up in a similar...

Is the new Twitter boss maverick enough?

Thursday 09 Dec 2021

Big tech and maverick bosses go together like copy and paste or fish and chips. So, what should we read into the fact that when the jungle drums started beating, when it became clear that Jack Dorsey ( pictured ) was indeed stepping down from his position as Twitter head, the share price went up?...

Investors shouldn't get carried away by October's consumer boost

Thursday 25 Nov 2021

A confident consumer spends cash and drives economic growth. When that confidence is shaken by, for example, rising prices, then people tend to save rather than spend, thereby restricting that growth. So, the latest GfK consumer confidence survey might have surprised some investors. The numbers had...

Can ethical investing help narrow the gender investment gap?

Thursday 11 Nov 2021

Women invest less than men, that’s a fact. A new study* commissioned by AJ Bell suggests the average level of savings and investments held by women is less than half the amount held by their male counterparts. To put a number on it, if you extrapolate the average difference in savings and...

Market impact of company updates more obvious than economic data

Thursday 28 Oct 2021

You don’t need a degree in finance to understand that both company earnings reports and major economic indicators and events both influence the investing landscape. However, looking at how London markets have performed over the last, complicated, 12 months it’s interesting to dig into those peaks...

Retail: how a hybrid of online and physical stores is proving a success

Thursday 14 Oct 2021

Retail has been at war with itself for at least the past decade as old-style bricks and mortar businesses tried to keep up with the new kids on the online block. Big names like BHS and Toys R Us vanished from high streets and retail parks, others like New Look underwent brutal CVAs, which is a way...

The energy crisis threatening a recovery power cut

Thursday 30 Sep 2021

If September hasn’t already delivered the annual squabble about when is an acceptable moment for the heating to be flicked on, October certainly will and this year’s debate will come with an added frisson. Wholesale gas prices have skyrocketed. The energy price cap that helps keep a lid on things...

Time for another look at UK airline stocks

Thursday 16 Sep 2021

Brits love their holidays; it might have rather a lot to do with our inclement climate but every conversation I’ve had over the last few weeks seems to have circled back to summer sun. Who managed to grab a few foreign rays and who didn’t? I confess my Scottish sojourn was memorable, but I still...

Has Covid changed the world of work forever?

Thursday 02 Sep 2021

The start of the new school year is traditionally the time that offices, which languished half empty over the long summer holidays, are suddenly bustling with life. Lunch dates are made, career catch ups scheduled and goals recalibrated. Covid threw everything up in the air and everybody’s watching...