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How I invest: Switching to funds after mistakes with individual stocks

Thursday 15 Apr 2021

Picking individual shares can be a good investment strategy for an experienced investor who has a strong understanding of the stock market and has the time to do their own research. But none of us can get it right all the time and even investors like Alan from Fife, who has been investing since the...

Investor diary: Paying more attention to FTSE 250 stocks

Thursday 04 Feb 2021

Monday 9 November saw things change for investors as the surge of enthusiasm associated with finding a vaccine for Covid-19 buoyed markets. For the first time in many months the vast majority of my 30 shares rose markedly. This did not trigger a notable increase in buying and selling on my behalf...

How I invest: Using the strategies of Terry Smith and Nick Train to generate income

Thursday 28 Jan 2021

Following the professionals and mirroring what they do has long been a strategy used by some investors. John from Ruislip is among that group and follows the strategies of three well-known UK fund managers – Terry Smith, Nick Train and Keith Ashworth-Lord. He believes ‘they all clearly define their...

Investor diary: Expanding horizons

Thursday 12 Nov 2020

We’re pleased to welcome back Malcolm from Edinburgh who is sharing his experience as someone in retirement taking charge of their investments for the first time. Having explained out how he set up his first portfolio Malcolm turns to how he is managing his investments. In an earlier column I...

How I invest: aspiring to make a living from buying and selling stocks

Thursday 03 Sep 2020

There are many profound changes the world is currently going through. Digitalisation, growing artificial intelligence and virtual reality adoption, and shifting to renewable energy and a low carbon future are just a few of the trends which will see our world change dramatically in the coming years...

Investor diary: Taking control of my pension

Thursday 06 Aug 2020

We’re pleased to introduce Malcolm from Edinburgh who will share his experience as someone in retirement properly taking charge of their investments for the first time. Discover how he set up his first portfolio and in future articles Malcolm will explain how he is managing his investments. Malcolm...

How I invest: Profiting from the stock market dip

Thursday 30 Jul 2020

Aware in February that the coronavirus pandemic could cause a severe market correction, John from Reading and his wife decided to shift around a quarter of their portfolio into cash. Having retired eight years ago, John says he and his wife would normally keep around two years’ worth of living...

How I invest: rebuilding an ISA to save for retirement

Thursday 11 Jun 2020

Having invested in shares since he was a kid, Duncan from London is using his investment expertise to rebuild his ISA after spending most of his savings on house renovations. Duncan, who is in his early 40s, has been investing actively for around 15 years. He works full-time and owns his own home...

How I invest: trading the markets for short-term gains

Thursday 05 Mar 2020

The majority of individuals featured in Shares ’ case study series to date have been long-term investors, happy to buy and hold stocks with the occasional bit of trading on the side. This time we tell the story of Michael, a 29-year-old from Newcastle whose interest in the markets is entirely...

How I invest: managing a concentrated portfolio of stocks

Thursday 16 Jan 2020

With just over 20 years’ investing experience under his belt, Dave from Staffordshire has honed his skills to be able to run a concentrated portfolio entirely out of small, medium and large cap stocks. The 46-year-old public sector worker first began putting money into the markets in 1999. ‘I...