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Money Matters

Inc vs acc: choosing the right fund type to collect or reinvest dividends

Thursday 27 Feb 2020

Share classes on funds can be confusing, but picking the right and wrong one can make a significant difference to your portfolio. Often investors will be faced with a confusing array of letters or acronyms after a fund name, which can look like alphabet soup but actually make a big difference to...

How to save money on your internet and phone bills

Thursday 20 Feb 2020

It is easier for anyone with a broadband, TV, landline or mobile phone to find out when their monthly costs are about to be hiked thanks to changes that came on 14 February. New rules from the regulator, Ofcom, mean that your provider now has to warn you when you’re current contract is ending,...

Top tips for picking a current account

Thursday 13 Feb 2020

Your current account is usually central to your day-to-day money management, so you need one that reflects the way you like to bank and also gives you something back, whether in interest, cashback or a free overdraft. And by managing your everyday cash sensibly you can free up money to save and...

Top tips for writing a will

Thursday 06 Feb 2020

There is a misconception that wills are only for the wealthy or the elderly but if you have dependants and you own any assets, you really should have a will. There may be a bit of a psychological barrier to them for many of us – we don’t like talking about death, after all. Perhaps that’s why 56%...

Who had it better on house-buying: baby boomers or millennials?

Thursday 30 Jan 2020

It’s the perennial question of who had it tougher when getting on the property ladder: those who bought in the 1980s or those who are trying to buy now. Millennials today point to soaring property prices, while baby-boomers highlight record high interest rates. So, who really had it better? House...

What are the options to fund care?

Thursday 23 Jan 2020

Funding care costs became a key topic in the recent general election, with different parties pledging money or proposing reviews into how to fix the problem of care funding. However, it’s a problem that’s been kicked down the road by continual governments, as the costs are high and there’s no easy...

How much money will I need in retirement?

Thursday 16 Jan 2020

It is very difficult to predict how much you’ll spend each year looking a decade ahead, let alone trying to predict what your annual spending will be in retirement. But it’s important to know how much you’re likely to spend, so you can make sure you’ve saved enough to meet those costs. Many people...

The seven major changes that could impact your wallet in 2020

Thursday 09 Jan 2020

A new year brings with it a raft of changes to your personal finances, so what has 2020 got in store for your money and will it make you richer or poorer? 1. Inheritance tax breaks get more generous From April 2020 everyone will be able to leave more money as part of their estate before they have...

Embrace these money-boosting New Year’s financial resolutions

Thursday 19 Dec 2019

The New Year is hurtling towards us and many people will start 2020 with goals for the year and changes they want to make, such as losing weight, getting fit or working less. But it’s estimated that around 80% of people fail their resolutions and about a third of people will ditch them after the...

Gifting stocks and shares to the family this Christmas

Thursday 12 Dec 2019

This Christmas you might decide to shun the usual smellies, M&S jumper or cuddly toys and instead give investments to family. While they are trickier to wrap to go under the tree, you could be giving a present that lasts for years and is far more lucrative than many other gifts. One thing you...