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Money Matters

How much does the average family spend a month – and which bills are rising?

Thursday 21 Oct 2021

The news headlines state price rises and a difficult winter ahead. Gas prices have risen significantly, pushing up energy bills, while supply chain issues are said to be pushing up prices at supermarkets. But how much does the average family spend each month and which areas are going to see rises...

Bonds show it’s no time to buy

Thursday 14 Oct 2021

While all eyes have been on the fuel crisis, little attention has so far been paid to the impact of higher oil and gas prices on government bond yields. The yield on the benchmark UK government bond has been rising steadily, and now sits at over 1.1%. To those who remember gilt yields of 5% and...

Pros and cons of ethical investment

Thursday 30 Sep 2021

On 4 October Good Money Week kicks off. A mini-festival of talks and events designed to raise awareness of sustainable investing, an area of the market which is experiencing booming growth. In 2020, £11 billion was ploughed into sustainable investment funds, and so far this year, a further £8...

Going to university? Five ways to get your finances in order

Thursday 23 Sep 2021

A new university year starts this month, and hopefully it’ll be a more normal year for students hitting freshers’ week than last year. But amid the packing, picking your halls and worrying about making friends, lots of people may forget some key financial things before they head off. Here’s your...

Use ISAs and SIPPs to beat the new dividend tax hike

Thursday 16 Sep 2021

Investors who have significant assets outside of an ISA or pension will be hit by a rise in the dividend tax from next April. The rate will rise by 1.25 percentage points, taking an extra chunk out of investors’ income. The first £2,000 of dividends are tax free, meaning the hike will only affect...

How to invest as you approach retirement

Thursday 09 Sep 2021

A working life is spent building up a retirement pot, and a retired life is built on spending it. So far, so good, but while the subjects of accumulating a pension and drawing on it are relatively well trodden, less attention is placed on a smaller, but nonetheless significant period in the final...

Where to get the best returns on your cash

Thursday 02 Sep 2021

Cash savings rates have been resurgent in recent weeks after falling for more than a year. With inflation of 4% rumoured to be on the horizon by the end of the year, now is a good time to make sure your cash is working for you. The UK as a whole saved a lot of spare cash during the pandemic, but...

State pension set for an 8% rise

Thursday 26 Aug 2021

The year 2022 could be a bumper payday for those receiving the state pension. Based on current trends, pension payments are expected to rise by around 8% from next April. That’s because the ‘triple lock’ guarantees that the state pension will rise each year in line with the highest of earnings,...

How to beat the gas price hike

Thursday 19 Aug 2021

Millions of households will see their energy bills leap in October, as rising gas prices mean the energy price cap will increase. The rise comes just as winter begins, when everyone’s energy use spikes, and is the second hike this year. We explain how the price cap works, who will be hit and how to...

How to invest in Boris and Rishi’s ‘big bang’

Thursday 12 Aug 2021

The prime minister and the chancellor have written an open letter to the UK’s institutional investors, challenging them to ignite an ‘investment big bang’ by investing in illiquid assets, such as infrastructure and unquoted companies. The chancellor is also setting the groundwork for the launch of...