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Money Matters

Bank of Mum and Dad on the rise: how to navigate gifting

Thursday 05 Sep 2019

Parents are increasingly helping their children get on to the property ladder – so much so that if they were counted alongside mortgage lenders they’d be a top 10 lender. Research from finance firm L&G found that parents have gifted £6.3bn to their children to help them buy their first home...

Your ‘lower risk’ options assessed

Thursday 22 Aug 2019

As part of my day job I’m often asked to help readers of national newspapers come up with ideas for how to invest their hard-earned cash. One such question landed on my desk from Times reader Julie recently. In brief, Julie had spent the past 26 years working and living in Hong Kong and Singapore,...

How do you pay investment fees if you have no cash on hand?

Thursday 15 Aug 2019

We’ve previously covered how much cash you should have in your portfolio , but how to do you manage the cash in your investment account? What happens if you owe fees and have no money, or if you want to buy and sell investments? We’ll answer some of the common questions asked. What happens if I owe...

Money saving tips for the over-60s

Thursday 08 Aug 2019

Reaching your 60th birthday might seem like a daunting prospect for some, but you’ll get handed a surfeit of birthday presents as you’ll be able to access lots of discounts. Some of the over-60s discounts are pretty lucrative, so we’ve compiled the best list. SENIOR RAILCARD Anyone who uses the...

How to invest an inheritance

Thursday 01 Aug 2019

Getting an unexpected inheritance can provide a valuable boost to your finances – but how do you work out what to do with the windfall? The average inheritance received is around £11,000, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics, but some people get larger, potentially life-...

Top tips for making your money go further on holiday

Thursday 25 Jul 2019

Holiday season is looming. While you’re packing your bucket and spade and planning your sun-tanning schedule, it is vital you don’t get fleeced when it comes to your holiday spending money. The value of the pound against the euro has dropped in recent weeks, meaning those who are heading to Europe...

10 ways to check you’re happy with your investment funds

Thursday 18 Jul 2019

The news of Neil Woodford suspending withdrawals from his flagship fund has dominated the media. But what can investors learn from the situation to help hone their portfolios? Investors trapped in the Woodford fund are understandably concerned about their money. While there’s nothing they can...

Inheritance tax system could see major overhaul

Thursday 11 Jul 2019

Inheritance tax is the UK’s most hated tax and it’s also one of the most complicated systems. A new report is aiming to change at least the second of these two realities. The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) was tasked with digging into the current system and working out how to make it simpler...

Is it right to worry about property prices when investing for a first home?

Thursday 04 Jul 2019

I ’ve got a Lifetime ISA, which I’m using to save for a house, paying in the maximum £4,000 a year. I’m 23 and I want to buy a house by the time I’m 30. I think house prices are likely to fall, and as markets and house prices are linked I think that means I should invest in defensive funds and...

How to cut both funeral and burial costs

Thursday 27 Jun 2019

It’s getting more expensive to die. The cost of having a burial in the most expensive part of the UK (unsurprisingly in London) has hit almost £12,000, while the average cost across the UK is just shy of £4,000. The figures from Royal London show that Kensal Green, in north-west London, is the most...