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Markets are rallying: should I dump a fund that’s been left behind?

Thursday 15 Apr 2021

Two major stock market indices in the UK and US have just hit new record highs, the FTSE 250 and S&P 500 respectively, and the FTSE 100 is at its highest level since February 2020. Investors are likely to be in a good mood as portfolios could be looking flush. Looking at my own portfolio,...

What AstraZeneca’s woes say about ESG investing

Thursday 08 Apr 2021

Global multi-national businesses with billions of pounds in revenue and profit aren’t obvious candidates for sympathy but it’s hard not to feel a bit sorry for AstraZeneca ( AZN ) after its experience over the last six months. In partnership with Oxford University, AstraZeneca has developed a Covid...

DMGT’s Cazoo boost: When old media meets new media

Thursday 01 Apr 2021

Amid all the hype around the multi-billion-dollar stock market listing of UK car marketplace Cazoo via a special purpose acquisition vehicle or SPAC in the US, it would be easy to miss the big windfall this could mean for newspaper publisher and shareholder Daily Mail & General Trust ( DMGT...

Argument strengthens in favour of UK stocks

Thursday 25 Mar 2021

Comments from the Bank of England on 18 March that there is a better outlook for UK economic growth than previously anticipated will strengthen the argument that UK stocks are ripe for picking, particularly companies with a domestic focus. Also supporting this argument is the fact the UK is more...

Missed the rush on an IPO? Wait for a pullback before buying

Thursday 18 Mar 2021

With more than 2,000 stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange and thousands more on markets overseas, one might have thought there is no need to fuss about more companies deciding to float on a stock exchange and offer their shares for the public to buy. What actually occurs is a fascination with...

When good news is bad news for investors and vice versa

Thursday 11 Mar 2021

We’re in a situation where good news is being treated as bad news by the market and vice versa. While this can be a bit confusing to the casual investor, there is some logic to how stock markets are currently behaving. Three bits of news in the past few weeks have triggered the opposite reaction to...

Big decisions to be made on working from home model

Thursday 04 Mar 2021

As we emerge from the pandemic a big challenge for investors is working out which Covid-inspired trends will be sustained, and which will fade away as we return to some form of normality. As this more normal existence draws closer (we hope) the issue is becoming more pressing. Among the big debates...

Will market democracy ever be more than an illusion?

Thursday 25 Feb 2021

The internet has transformed how financial markets are accessed and, in some ways, has democratised trading and investing. A whole range of different asset classes and investment vehicles are now available to ordinary punters in a way which would have been unthinkable in the 1990s when you would...

Why we should be fearful of zombies

Thursday 18 Feb 2021

They may not be too busy just yet but insolvency specialists are feeling fairly confident about their near-term prospects which, on the flipside, is bad news for UK businesses. On 12 February the recently-listed insolvency and business advisory firm FRP ( FRP:AIM ) signalled its confidence in the...

Best buying opportunity for Unilever shares in 11 months

Thursday 11 Feb 2021

The Marmite effect seems to have put FTSE 100 stock Unilever ( ULVR ) in the ‘hate it’ rather than ‘love it’ camp with many investors. The shares have been out of favour since the market started to prefer value stocks last November, with Unilever seen as an ‘expensive defensive’ and not offering...