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Investment Trusts

How investment trust boards can add value for shareholders

Thursday 19 May 2022

Aunique advantage of investment trusts versus other types of funds are their independent boards of directors which offer additional oversight for investors and have a legal responsibility to protect shareholders’ interests. The role of the board is both vital and varied. It ranges from scrutinising...

Investment trusts versus funds: how do they differ and what are their pros and cons?

Thursday 12 May 2022

The UK’s investment trust industry can chart its history back more than 150 years, when Queen Victoria sat on the throne. But it has been eclipsed by unit trusts, which are a relatively new kid on the block, having been introduced in the UK in 1931. There’s currently around £270 billion held in UK...

This little known investment trust has turned £5 million into £740 million

Thursday 05 May 2022

Despite having generated more than three times the return of the FTSE All-Share index over the past 10 years (304% versus 100% respectively), North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust (NAS) remains under the radar of most investors. Those already owning the shares are rarely willing sellers...

Discover the best and worst performing investment trusts so far in 2022

Thursday 21 Apr 2022

Rising interest rates since the turn of the year, runaway inflation and Russia’s shocking invasion of Ukraine have shaken the investment kaleidoscope in 2022 and forced many investors to reposition portfolios for an increasingly uncertain world. This is reflected in developments in the investment...

Investment trusts with more than 10% of their portfolio in private companies

Thursday 31 Mar 2022

Numerous investment trusts in recent years have asked shareholders permission to increase their exposure to companies which do not trade on a stock market, known as unquoted or unlisted. Primarily, this is because companies are staying private for longer and this change in investment policy allows...

Find out why these investment trusts are on sale now

Thursday 31 Mar 2022

The year so far has seen significant volatility for global stock markets driven by concerns over red-hot inflation, the impact on share prices of rising interest rates and war in Ukraine. Crunching the latest data from Winterflood Investment Trusts, Shares has spotted that discounts to net asset...

Ruffer is top performing capital preservation trust in market shake-up

Thursday 03 Feb 2022

A global equity markets sell-off at the start of 2022, driven by concerns over hot inflation and rising interest rates, together with growing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, has left many investors nursing significant portfolio losses. Those with exposure to the technology-rich Nasdaq index...

Scottish Mortgage share price down 33%: buy more or sell out?

Thursday 27 Jan 2022

It’s no exaggeration to say Scottish Mortgage ( SMT ) , managed by the team at Baillie Gifford, is the UK’s favourite investment trust. With assets under management of nearly £21 billion as of the end of December it dwarfs the next-biggest trusts, and its long-term performance record is unbeatable...

Best performing investment trusts in 2021

Thursday 16 Dec 2021

In the end 2021 proved a rewarding year for stock markets as vaccines were rolled out and economies began to recover from the worst ravages of the pandemic. In the early part of the year, growth was shunned for value before bouncing back into fashion as the year progressed. On the whole, this was a...

Fundsmith success: Smithson doubles in value in three years

Thursday 09 Dec 2021

Investors who backed Fundsmith’s investment trust Smithson ( SSON ) at launch October 2018 have now doubled their money. Their faith in the Fundsmith investment process has been vindicated, and proof they were right to put their money with Smithson despite it being run by a fund manager (Simon...