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What conclusions can we draw from the THG disaster

Thursday 21 Oct 2021

It’s hard to think of a more disastrous investor event than THG’s ( THG ) capital markets day (12 Oct). This was supposed to be an opportunity to reignite excitement around the company’s Ingenuity e-commerce platform but it backfired spectacularly, prompting a 35% intra-day plunge in the shares. On...

UK sell-off: looking for stocks that have been unfairly sold down

Thursday 14 Oct 2021

Look beyond the headline indices and you’ll see some brutal damage to investment portfolios over the past month or so. While the FTSE All-Share index, which is a good representation of the UK stock market, is down 2.4% since its year-to-date peak on 6 September, Shares has found that 502 London-...

Inflation isn’t going away soon: how to protect your portfolio

Thursday 07 Oct 2021

The inflation story is not going away. In recent sessions we’ve seen an increasing number of companies talk about pressure on profit margins from rising costs and they are going to do everything they can to pass that on to the end customer. Investors must therefore think hard about their portfolio...

The role of renewables trusts in the energy crisis

Thursday 30 Sep 2021

One reason why Europe is facing an energy crisis is that renewables power generation fell short of expectations after a summer which was neither sufficiently windy nor sunny. While this reveals one of the limitations of solar and wind power and has provided a reminder of the continuing role of...

Gas, shipping, coal: hot themes drive investors wild

Thursday 23 Sep 2021

Investors have been spoiled for themes that could act as share price catalysts of late. Sometimes you need to act quickly as often the big share price movements have already been made before the theme hits the mainstream news. That shouldn’t stop you looking, as many trends can remain intact for...

2021: boom year for investments

Thursday 16 Sep 2021

Equity funds have taken in more money in 2021 ($1 trillion) than in the previous 20 years combined ($0.8 trillion), according to Bank of America. For many individuals who first invested after the global financial crisis of 2008/2009, stock markets may have seemed an easy place to make money. Indeed...

Ways to beat the FTSE 100’s 3.2% income yield

Thursday 09 Sep 2021

The income hurdle for UK investors to beat is 3.2%, which is the prospective yield from the FTSE 100 according to Stockopedia data. Buying a simple FTSE 100 tracker fund will give you access to the index and therefore the yield. But how easy it is to beat this figure? It’s simple if you’ve got time...

Too soon to consider buying into Chinese sell-off

Thursday 02 Sep 2021

The sell-off in various Chinese stocks has been one of the big investment stories of the year. The threat of regulatory interference from China was quietly bubbling away as 2021 began, but few people thought it would blow up to become such a major force on the markets. China-related products were...

The questions buybacks pose for investors

Thursday 26 Aug 2021

In recent months the practice of companies buying their own shares has made a comeback. Insurance firm Aviva ( AV. ) was the latest to add its name to a growing list which includes Diageo ( DGE ) , Unilever ( ULVR ) and BP ( BP. ) . On 12 August Aviva announced a £750 million buyback as part of...

Why markets aren’t worried about global debt (yet)

Thursday 19 Aug 2021

According to asset manager Janus Henderson global government debt soared by a fifth to a record $62.5 trillion by the end of 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. On the corporate side Janus Henderson reported borrowings up 10% worldwide to $13.5 trillion. So we’re looking at a combined...