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What does the launch of Jack’s really mean for Tesco shareholders?

Thursday 27 Sep 2018

One week on from the very high profile launch of Tesco’s ( TSCO ) new value chain, Jack’s, and the stock market appears to have given a thumbs-up to the venture, judging by how the shares have risen nearly 3% since the launch on 19 September. Now the hype has died down, we take a closer look at...

FDA weighs in on vaping: four key questions for investors in tobacco stocks

Thursday 20 Sep 2018

On 12 September 2018 the commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Scott Gottlieb set in motion plans for a crackdown on youth vaping. This intervention was taken positively by investors in tobacco stocks with both British American Tobacco ( BATS ) and Imperial Brands ( IMB )...

Understanding liquidity and why it matters to buying and selling investments

Thursday 13 Sep 2018

Liquidity is one of those investment words which sounds rather too vague and complex to really worry about. Yet liquidity can determine whether you make a profit or loss on an investment and, crucially, whether or not you can get your hands on your money when you want it. In plain English,...

Do you need an investment insurance policy?

Thursday 06 Sep 2018

It’s more than likely that you insure your home, car and even your health – so why not your investment portfolio? While, unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an insurance policy that will pay out if your investment portfolio takes a hit, there are measures you can take to build some protection...

US Fed chair ignores Trump criticism, will keep hiking rates... for now

Thursday 30 Aug 2018

Addressing the annual summit of central bankers at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell seems in no mood to bow to pressure from president Donald Trump on interest rates. Trump had been publicly critical of Powell and his colleagues for the current pace of...

Don’t get caught in a value trap

Thursday 23 Aug 2018

People are always looking for bargains, whether they are shopping for shoes, a dream holiday or even stocks and shares. However, some companies trade on cheap valuations for a reason, and even if their discounted rating is unwarranted a catalyst is required to unlock this value. Stocks which are...

Failing life expectancy growth could boost pension providers’ dividends

Thursday 16 Aug 2018

As a nation, we stopped living longer in 2010. The upward trend in life expectancy ended and now a host of pension providers are reaping the benefits. Insurance companies sell annuities, which are guaranteed incomes for life to people at retirement based on assumptions about longer lives. These...

Failed IWG buyout shows yawning valuation divide

Thursday 09 Aug 2018

Flexible office space supplier IWG ( IWG ) this week walked away from possible takeover talks. After months of speculation that saw the share price chased from below 200p to more than 325p, private equity firms Starwood Capital, Terra Firma and TDR have all been told by IWG management to take their...

Have you missed the boat on these rising stars or is there still time to climb aboard?

Thursday 02 Aug 2018

A highly successful, yet unnamed, fund manager, is quoted in full year results (24 Jul) from flooring star turn Victoria ( VCP:AIM ) as delivering the following pearl of markets-related wisdom: ‘[Investment is] not a well-behaved machine that cranks out returns to owners of all equities...Instead...

Can shares in tobacco companies fight back after a torrid time?

Thursday 26 Jul 2018

Once considered defensive investments and dependable sources of income, tobacco stocks have recently gone through a troublesome period and experienced significant share price declines. Cigarette companies were long-prized for their strong brands, pricing power, high margins and strong returns on...