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The pros and cons of funds with concentrated portfolios

Thursday 16 Jan 2020

The pros and cons of portfolios with only a small number of holdings have come under the spotlight after ratings company Morningstar downgraded LF Lindsell Train UK Equity (B18B9X7) from Gold to Bronze. Among the reasons cited was the higher levels of stock-specific risk than most peers created by...

The UK funds and trusts which have soared after the general election

Thursday 09 Jan 2020

Sentiment towards UK stocks has dramatically improved since the December general election vote result, as evidenced by widespread gains among UK-focused funds and investment trusts. FE Fundinfo data mined by Shares shows the most obvious open-ended fund beneficiaries of the ‘Boris Bounce’ from...

Equitile Resilience: the quality-focused fund you’ve never heard of

Thursday 12 Dec 2019

In today’s rapidly-evolving business world, companies are living faster and dying younger. For private investors, that means picking tomorrow’s big winners or long-term survivors is becoming increasingly tough. Just buying and holding the most profitable companies today is becoming a much less...

Watch out for funds with inappropriate benchmarks

Thursday 05 Dec 2019

Many fund managers insist that investors should judge their performance on a relative basis, rather than absolute. The argument is that fund managers are being paid to outperform an index rather than explicitly deliver positive returns every single year. To abide by this rule one has to be sure...

Target date funds: the $1.7tn US industry that's slipped under the radar in the UK

Thursday 28 Nov 2019

It could be a pub quiz question – name the multi-trillion dollar industry that’s practically non-existent in the UK. While some may guess a niche area of engineering or technology, it’s doubtful many – if any – would say target date investment funds. With around $1.7tn in the US, the largest market...

Know your fund: Invesco Income and High Income

Thursday 21 Nov 2019

Invesco fund manager Mark Barnett has come under increasing pressure following the downgrade of his income funds, Invesco Income (BJ04HW5) and Invesco High Income (BJ04HP8) , by fund researcher Morningstar. The latter has highlighted concerns about the funds’ increased exposure to small and mid-cap...

Recovery funds: get it right and the rewards can be huge

Thursday 14 Nov 2019

What do recovery funds do, what is their appeal and what do they invest in? In simple terms a recovery stock is a share which has fallen in price but is seen as having the potential of climbing back or even exceeding its previous level. This recovery would usually be achieved through a change of...

Discover where fund firms are looking for growth

Thursday 31 Oct 2019

It is always good to have an insight into market sentiment as, in the short-term, it can impact how different assests and sectors perform. Sometimes it can be useful to take a cue from investment fund companies, who often launch new funds when they think a particular area of investing will do well...

Concentrated funds: more risk, more reward?

Thursday 24 Oct 2019

We often hear that the number one rule of investing is diversify, diversify, diversify. And on the face of it, so-called ‘concentrated funds’ – investment funds that typically hold no more than 50 stocks – would seem to fly in the face of this strategy. Indeed modern portfolio theory, one of the...

Earn a monthly income from investment funds

Thursday 17 Oct 2019

The idea of funds which can help you pay your monthly bills is an attractive one and the good news is there are a large number of UK funds which pay dividends every month. In some cases this will mean sacrificing some of the potential for capital gains, as their main aim is protect your money and...