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Where to shift your money as suspended property funds reopen

Thursday 15 Oct 2020

Various open-ended property funds suspended in March are now beginning to reopen but it could be a stop-start process and it looks like investors will face restrictions on their ability to trade in and out of the funds as new regulations are introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)...

The real reason why Fundsmith has done so well

Thursday 08 Oct 2020

Terry Smith, founder of asset manager Fundsmith, has built an excellent track record since launching the business a decade ago. According to Morningstar the Fundsmith Equity Fund (B41YBW7) has delivered five-year annualised returns of 20.4% compared with 15.4% for the MSCI ACWI Growth index. Since...

Lesser-known quality funds giving Fundsmith a run for its money

Thursday 23 Jul 2020

With the risk of a second coronavirus wave weighing on sentiment and the worst of the economic fallout from the pandemic to follow, risk-averse portfolio builders should swerve the trash and instead put cash to work in quality stocks, or in funds with a quality tilt to them. There are no guarantees...

Five funds beating the market by a significant margin

Thursday 25 Jun 2020

While many investment funds have recorded heavy losses this year, there have been a few outlier funds which have not only recorded a positive return when looking at the three months to 31 May, but in some cases have also outperformed their benchmarks by a decent amount. We spoke to various managers...

Ways to play the Asia Pacific opportunity without relying on China

Thursday 30 Apr 2020

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on health and economies around the world and there is increasing anger being directed towards China, widely accepted as the source of the coronavirus. But the lure of investing more widely in Asia Pacific, a region with youthful demographics and low financial...

The thematic funds that stay one step ahead of the crowd

Thursday 16 Apr 2020

Many investors are jumping on investment themes too late to make good money, or they are misunderstanding how you might profit from a theme. Steve Wreford, a portfolio manager at Lazard Asset Management, calls it a narrative fallacy. ‘You often hear fantastic stories about something that will...

Vanguard’s little-known active fund beats Alliance Trust and Witan

Thursday 09 Apr 2020

Investment trusts Alliance Trust ( ATST ) and Witan ( WTAN ) are two popular funds in the UK. Investors like the way they use a panel of third party fund managers, deemed to be the cream of the crop, to pick stocks from around the world. They often get all the attention in discussions about multi-...

What do property fund suspensions mean for investors?

Thursday 26 Mar 2020

The market turmoil around coronavirus has hit property funds, but what does that mean for investors? Over the past week a number of property funds have suspended, which means that investors can’t buy or sell the funds. Below we look to answer your pressing questions on the situation. WHY HAVE FUNDS...

How Pictet’s ESG fund searches for experts saving the environment

Thursday 19 Mar 2020

There are a large number of investment funds ready to cater for investors’ growing appetite for all things ESG. To get noticed funds have to distinguish themselves from the crowd by having something very clever about how they pick assets and manage portfolios. Among the larger funds in the market...

How to spot if your funds offer value for money

Thursday 20 Feb 2020

New ‘value for money’ data is emerging that could make selecting funds easier for investors. Since 30 September 2019, fund managers have been forced to start publishing ‘assessment of value’ (AoV) reports under a new UK regulatory crackdown. These documents are designed to illustrate each fund’s...