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10 years of Vanguard LifeStrategy: has it rewarded investors?

Thursday 15 Jul 2021

The Vanguard LifeStrategy range of funds has just celebrated 10 years since launching in the UK, over which time it has proven to be a big hit with investors, amassing £29 billion of assets to date. Performance has been strong too, with the LifeStrategy funds beating most active funds in their...

Fundsmith fans who want more tech should look at Blue Whale Growth fund

Thursday 08 Jul 2021

F undsmith Equity’s (B41YBW7) strategy of investing in high quality companies has been a big draw for investors, particularly as the fund’s performance has been strong since launch in 2010. While this fund may be serving investors well, some people want to know what else they can add to their...

Some of the best funds come in small packages

Thursday 03 Jun 2021

Sometimes investors ignore funds which have accumulated a limited amount of funds from investors, often because they are seen as not having much of a future due to a lack of scale or just because they don’t have the marketing budgets of the big asset managers. However, ignoring these smaller funds...

Managers vs machines - are active funds worth the extra cost?

Thursday 03 Jun 2021

One of the biggest investment trends of the past decade has been the rise of passive funds. These funds mechanically track an index, rather than trying to beat it by selecting certain stocks. Their simple objective, combined with low charges, has provided serious competition to active managers, and...

The Vanguard active fund giving Fundsmith a run for its money

Thursday 27 May 2021

In the five years since its launch, Vanguard Global Equity (BZ82ZT6) has achieved nearly the same returns as popular funds Fundsmith Equity (B41YBW7) and Lindsell Train Global Equity (B644PG0) , and significantly outperformed two well-known global investment trusts, Alliance Trust ( ATST ) and...

The value funds vying for top dog status

Thursday 20 May 2021

After more than a decade of domination for growth stocks, global markets are finally seeing a shift into value. This in turn has benefited funds pursuing a value investing style. Growth performed relatively well through the initial course of the pandemic with technology stocks leading the way, but...

Where the experts find income on the UK market

Thursday 13 May 2021

Pharmaceuticals, insurance, tobacco and financials are good places to find income on the UK market, says Richard Marwood, co-manager of the £1.7 billion Royal London UK Equity Income Fund (B3M9JJ7) . He believes the prospects for dividends from UK stocks are improving, which should be good news for...

Evenlode to rival Fundsmith with new global growth fund

Thursday 22 Apr 2021

Best known for its UK and global income funds, asset manager Evenlode is to launch a growth-themed global equity fund after its research unearthed many strong investment ideas which don’t pay much in the way of dividends and therefore wouldn’t feature in its other funds. TB Evenlode Global Equity (...

Investing in future trends while avoiding the crowd

Thursday 21 Jan 2021

The events of 2020 have given us a clue as to where the world is headed, such as more time spent working from home and wider use of technology to do business. It was easy to spot those trends, and shares in relevant companies have already been bid up to high levels as the market prices in likely...

Discover the funds offering a 30% instant boost and tax-free dividends

Thursday 14 Jan 2021

The new venture capital trust ( VCT ) offer season is now in full swing where investors can apply for new shares and enjoy immediate tax benefits. Recent offers from Amati AIM VCT and Octopus AIM VCT have already closed, having hit their subscription target. Others are filling up quickly. Each year...