magazine 8 Oct 2020

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Low growth, recovery or second wave: the investments to own in each scenario.

The real reason why Fundsmith has done so well, the trust that says ditch growth stocks and buy value, and the pace is picking up for acquisition-fuelled fundraisings.

Investment ideas include a Covid testing specialist enjoying significant success and a high-quality European company on a rare discount.

Discover the options for Rolls-Royce shareholders as it unveils a £2 billion rights issue. Shares also gets under the bonnet of Renishaw.

Elsewhere this week: What Asda’s sale means for supermarket rivals, Premier Foods poised for Hovis windfall, and housebuilders rally on Boris Johnson’s bid to help first-time buyers.

Wild swings have been seen on Wall Street as commentators say markets ‘overreact’ ahead of elections

This metric helps you to identify the trajectory of earnings

The company is taking measures to help repair a balance sheet hurt by Covid-19

The Issa brothers and TDR Capital are taking control of the UK supermarket

One analyst forecasts a need for $300 million to see it through more tough times

The Prime Minister wants long-term fixed-rate mortgages with only 5% deposits

We consider three different scenarios that could dictate how markets behave going into 2021

Much depends on expectations and good news often travels slowly

Investments in areas like neurology and 3D printing technology could create tremendous value in the future

There is more to its performance than meets the eye

Henderson European Focus Trust’s John Bennett believes it is ‘game on’ for a V-shaped recovery in Europe

These types of funds are low cost but they are not (yet?) as popular in the UK as in the US

Numerous companies are raising cash to buy rivals or expand skills

The testing specialist should see a major uplift in earnings thanks to a big contract win

The consultancy continues to report positive news

The company has also redeemed £40 million worth of bonds

This could be a good opportunity to buy a top-class name at a cheaper price

A recent operational setback could uncover wider problems and dent its ability to profit from the gold rally

The IRN-BRU maker is demonstrating resilience and expects to resume dividends next year

A profit recovery for the index depends heavily on sectors like financials and oil and gas

Tom Selby weighs up the tax implications of a reader giving money from their pension