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FTSE 250 hits new record high: why mid caps are winners

Thursday 15 Apr 2021

The FTSE 250 index of medium-sized UK-listed companies hit a record high in early April, after a strong bounce back from the pandemic crash, a recovery which started as far back as March of last year. The strong performance has been credited to a resurgence in the UK economy thanks to a successful...

Give your portfolio a spring clean

Thursday 08 Apr 2021

This time last year, the UK had just entered what turned out to be the first of a series of lockdowns, and the nation was digesting a very restrictive new normal. Today, vaccines have provided hope that soon the worst of the pandemic will be in the rear-view mirror, and expectation that the global...

Doing the maths: the benefits of using the new ISA allowance immediately

Thursday 01 Apr 2021

Right now, many investors will be rushing to make their ISA contribution for the current tax year before the 5 April deadline. But there is a breed of investor who always gets their ISA contributions in at the beginning of the tax year, and they will be calmly waiting for the 6 April to roll around...

It could be time for ISA investors to think small

Thursday 25 Mar 2021

If you think back to when ISAs were first launched in 1999, it wasn’t exactly an auspicious time to start investing. The tech bubble was about to burst, the split cap investment trust scandal was about to explode, and stocks were about to fall into a three-year bear market. But despite that, the...

Should you overpay your mortgage with spare cash?

Thursday 18 Mar 2021

One of the few silver linings from lockdown has been the savings people have amassed. The Bank of England reckons households have built up £125 billion of excess savings and will only spend 5% of that money when the economy opens up. That leaves a lot of money still sloshing around in bank accounts...

How to beat the chancellor’s stealth tax raid

Thursday 11 Mar 2021

Well, we knew it was coming, and now the chancellor has laid out how he’s going to repair the Treasury’s battered finances in his March budget. One of the key measures is freezing the personal tax-free allowance, and the higher rate threshold, which will mean individuals paying £19 billion over the...

The big risks facing bonds

Thursday 04 Mar 2021

Bond investors have had a pretty painful start to 2021, and if the global vaccine roll-out prompts a sharp economic recovery, price falls clocked up this year could be just the beginning. Some bond funds have lost 8% so far in the year to date, and while that might not sound so bad to hardened...

What does the March budget hold in store?

Thursday 25 Feb 2021

Tax or spend? That’s the question facing the chancellor Rishi Sunak in his spring budget on 3 March. Given the pandemic is still raging, and the nation remains in lockdown, it seems likely he will keep his foot on the accelerator of public spending for the time being. But that just means the tax...

Are annuities still relevant to investors and how much could you get?

Thursday 18 Feb 2021

In 2015, sweeping reforms gave people over 55 unlimited access to their pension schemes for the first time, and prompted Steve Webb, the pensions minister at the time, to suggest pensioners could blow their cash on Lamborghinis if they wanted. There hasn’t been a noticeable proliferation of...

Understanding your new ‘Investment Pathways’

Thursday 11 Feb 2021

Hundreds of thousands of people who choose to keep their retirement pot invested while taking an income through drawdown will from 1 February be offered ‘Investment Pathways’. The same is true of those who transfer a drawdown plan to a new drawdown provider. This change, instigated by the Financial...