magazine 21 Feb 2019

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Discover how to get a better return on your cash by reading the new issue of Shares. The digital magazine also looks at a trend among investment trusts to cut performance fees.

Learn why some investors are happy to pay a high rating for certain stocks and discover why PMI data is so important to the stock market.

Shares looks at the challenges facing utility group SSE, why AstraZeneca’s shares have moved up, and why HSBC has disappointed the market.

It highlights an investment trust designed to protect and grow investors’ capital. And you can discover how the next generation of potential star fund managers is trained up.

We look at the top rates for cash ISAs and a selection of lower-risk investment bonds

We look at some of the past week’s share price movers

ONS retail sales figures provide grounds for encouragement, though the nation’s shopkeepers remain cautious

The UK’s second largest electricity and gas supplier is facing big questions

Bright spots over the past year for income investors included North America, Japan and emerging markets

There is no growth in the dividend as 2018 numbers come in short of expectations

Postponed GDP estimate follows the worst retail sales figures in nearly a decade

There are various ways in which future stars can cut their teeth

We explain how fund managers get hold of cash to buy stocks or other assets

We look at these controversial charges and why many trusts are phasing them out

Technology investor is unlikely to match 2018’s busy year of investment disposals

Hedge fund hopes move will attract income-oriented investors and help narrow the discount

The fund delivers an eighth consecutive year of benchmark-beating performance

We discuss how this data offers an extremely useful insight into the economy

Stay on top of events for companies that are both thriving and diving

Will Donald Trump start to run more growth-orientated policies?

The popular price-to-earnings valuation metric does not always tell the full story

Structural growth and limited competition could see its share price surge in time

The trust aims to avoid permanent capital loss while growing income over the long term

We believe positive sales momentum should keep pushing up the share price

The retailer says it may increase its stake but doesn't intend to make a full takeover

The valuation is compelling but the risks are high

The pharma firm has struck a very interesting deal with Novartis

AJ Bell's Tom Selby answers readers' questions about retirement issues