magazine 5 Mar 2020

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Following the global markets sell-off, the new issue of Shares assesses the damage to investors’ portfolios and suggests stocks, investment trusts and bonds to buy.

It analyses the parts of the market worst hit and the FTSE 350 stocks that delivered positive returns during the sell-off.

Find out about stimulus measures that could help to avoid a global recession and discover the best and worst dividend growth records among the investment trust ‘Dividend Heroes’.

Shares explains why there is more going for utility provider SSE than just generous dividends. It looks at Greggs’ growth plans and reveals the sold-off UK stock being bought by Fundsmith and Lindsell Train funds.

US shares could still face sell-off if left-leaning rival Bernie Sanders wins Democratic presidential candidacy

The troubled miner has been saved by Anglo American although many investors will lose money on the deal

The food-on-the-go retailer has its fingers in several pies as it aims for a bigger slice of the market

They can have a big impact over the long term

Funds run by Lindsell Train, Fundsmith and Majedie increase their stakes in the posh tonics seller

Michael has developed a system based on chart patterns and news flow

Interest cuts expected but factories and supply chains may still struggle

We look at the stocks that have fallen the most and what could happen next

Company has sold of consumer energy business and is investing heavily in renewables

Trusts only need miniscule dividend growth to stay part of this elite club

There are many different types of assets that provide a resilient yield despite low interest rates

TwentyFour Dynamic Bond Fund has benefited from a move away from riskier parts of the bond market

The resilient global trust offers growth with a capital preservation bent

Shares in the builders’ merchant have held up well in the sell-off

Unusual trust offers investors diversification and a step change in dividends to boot

David Jenkinson to leave after wave of customer complaints, but Persimmon still well placed to capitalise on housing momentum

The risk/reward balance continues to look favourable for the smart materials firm

An increasing number of ETFs now offer ‘acc’ and ‘inc’ versions of their products

There are two ways to look at the latest market sell-off

Our resident pensions expert explains how the system works