magazine 13 Feb 2020

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Would you like some help getting started with investing? Read the first part of Shares’ new series which explains everything you need to know about making money from the markets.

Also this week: the UK firms facing supply chain risks amid China’s coronavirus outbreak. Find out why Lindsell Train continues to see outflows from its key funds. And read Shares’ analysis of electric car play Tesla after its share price surge.

Find out about the performance metric name-checked by Fundsmith’s manager Terry Smith and discover what your weekly shop can tell you about two consumer goods giants.

Construction stocks soared on high speed rail approval while renewable funds plunged on fears about future income

Company plans change in sales approach after strategic review

Manager Nick Train suggests negativity about two key holdings is unwarranted

Shares are already being sold off as investors switch on to the issue

What to think about and how to do it

It is possible to start saving as little as £50 a month and soon have an investment portfolio but just watch those charges

Valuation of electric car maker has soared beyond reasonable metrics

This method of judging risk against return is employed by top fund manager Terry Smith

We explain how certain trusts can generate a high yield and pick two to buy

You might be surprised how a handful of stocks have so much influence over an index worth $28tn

Choosing the right place for your day-to-day cash can make a material difference to your finances

The consumer goods giants are struggling to get back on a path to growth    

Liontrust’s shares are soaring and we think there is a lot more to come as its reputation grows

Storage firm reports like-for-like revenue growth of 7% for the first half of its financial year

Analysts’ earnings expectations have increased more than 20% over the last six months

Calisen has weaker installation capacity and a smaller presence among independent energy suppliers which are taking market share

Online grocery play remains our top pick in the retail sector thanks to its long-term growth potential

Food producer has the ingredients for long-term global growth

Why the 'urge to merge' could be a warning sign for investors

AJ Bell pensions expert discusses what’s changed north of the border