magazine 19 Sep 2019

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To coincide with Shares’ 20th birthday, the digital magazine looks at the best performing FTSE 350 stocks over the past 20 years, with updated views on the top 10.

It looks at the big decisions facing Sirius Minerals’ shareholders following a setback to the miner’s funding plans.

Shares explains how the oil price rally will affect your finances and investments, and what could happen next with London Stock Exchange’s bid situation.

Discover why momentum trades and quality stocks have suddenly gone out of favour in a sharp market rotation, and read Shares’ view of Netflix’s investment case.

The magazine reveals the top-rated fund managers and explores emerging markets-focused investment trusts.

Are the best performing FTSE 350 stocks still worth buying today?

Either walk away or stay and risk everything in hope of a new financing plan

We examine the impact of the Middle East oil attacks on investors, markets and economies    

Suitor HKEX isn’t giving up despite having its takeover approach rejected

The valuation is too high when you consider the risks to the investment case

We examine how to assess the people steering your money

Investment trusts offer a means of tapping into the potential of the globe’s developing economies

Can you save money by taking your child out of school?

Discover our development plans as Shares celebrates its 20th birthday

The slide in the European banking index is a concern

The market has seen a sudden rotation in terms of the style of companies in and out of favour

Animal genetics specialist is on a roll and investors should get on board

JPMorgan Global Emerging Markets Income Trust has the right characteristics to succeed

Cross-sales, margins and organic growth should see shares continue their ascent

First half profit drop reflects decline in asset valuations

The trackers which offer exposure to companies of a higher class

Our pensions expert helps with a query on the level of pension contributions receiving tax relief