magazine 23 Aug 2018

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Ever wondered how the FTSE 100 works? Don’t miss the new issue of Shares which deconstructs the blue chip index and discusses the sectors driving the market. It also reveals important valuation metrics and dividend forecasts for all 100 constituents.

Also this week: why so many investors love Fundsmith’s flagship equity fund. Shares reveals how investors are shifting to defensive-style investments; and it also explains how gearing works.

The digital magazine explores how Lifetime ISA investors are deploying their money; and it debates the merits of the US potentially moving to the same corporate reporting structure as the UK.

You can also read about value traps and avoiding pension scams.

How the index works and the companies driving the market

Parts of the leisure sector have been in hot demand over the summer

Report from UBS shows investors are moving into safer havens

As regulation bites into brokering commissions, how will the sector respond?

The US president is unhappy with the number of interest rate increases

The fund has been a blockbuster hit since launching eight years ago

We look at the latests IPOs and existing trusts raising new money

Learn the advantages of this straightforward metric

Three ways to spot fraudsters and avoid falling into their trap

We look at some of the most popular products in LISAs and how they’ve performed

Will the US follow the UK’s model and report financial results every six months?

Three reasons why a strong US dollar could impact investors

We look at examples of stocks that are cheap for a good reason

The veterinary services group could switch from predator to prey

It is one of a new breed of independents offering a business energy alternative

The company has assets that if sold could fuel some great tech acquisitions

Company agrees retailer-to-retailer car auction platform joint venture