magazine 11 May 2017

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Fancy doubling your money in a year by investing in an exciting stock? It’s hard but certainly not impossible. The new issue of Shares discusses 11 stocks which analysts are confident could increase by 100% in value or more within 12 months.

This week’s digital magazine also looks at two new investment trusts targeting the smaller end of the market. You will find a discussion on what the recent fall in the oil price means for BP and Royal Dutch Shell’s 7%+ dividend yields. Shares also looks at what happens when an ETF becomes too popular.

Anyone seeking new investment ideas has plenty to enjoy in the new magazine. There are articles on a defence expert, the world’s largest advertising agency and a property fund tapping into the rented home market, among others.

You can also read about ways to assess exchange-traded funds, what Apple could do with its billions of dollars in cash and why Alton Towers’ owner Merlin Entertainments is trading at an all-time high.

We reveal the stocks which analysts believe could soar in value over the next year or so

Retail investors have a chance to take part in the IPO offer

Worries over a slowdown post Brexit may have been overdone

Global Ports is a great way to play growing demand for cruise travel

Morgan Stanley sees big potential – but not everyone agrees

There are big potential drivers for the share price

Caledonia forced to slash production and earnings guidance for 2017

Engineering consultant to be gobbled up by Japanese firm CTI

Market likes news of boardroom rejig

Organic growth and R&D make Focusrite a sweet-sounding investment

Company goes against the tide of big institutions and snaps up UK commercial property

What does WPP do and how does it deliver for shareholders?

Downing Strategic Micro-Cap and ScotGems offer new avenues for investors

Many retirees have incurred thousands of pounds in unnecessary tax costs

Tracking difference is a far better indicator of a product’s performance

Investors’ patience is tested once again as commodity prices go into reverse

Company set to commence sales of Model 3 vehicle in the US

What could US tech giant buy with its cash?

Profit to endure big hit in 2017 thanks to cost over-runs on big construction projects

First quarter results have come in ahead of forecasts

Mattress expert announces plans to join the UK stock market in an AIM IPO

Prospective yields above 7% and falling oil price could be seen as warning signs

Airline stock goes into first half release off the back of strong passenger growth

Asset managers have recently enjoyed a good run with their financial results

The Midlands headquartered firm saw market share fall in 2016

Mid cap looks well placed as Trump tries to get his military budget approved

Recent underperformance creates buying opportunity in exhibitions firm

Half year results confirm solid progress with flavour and fragrance specialist

Company is still awaiting approval for key transaction, drilling presents a mixed picture

Identity security specialist splashes out on postcode verification firm

What happens when a product gets too big for the index it is replicating?