magazine 26 Jan 2017

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Buy after a big share price fall? In this week's Shares we talk 'averaging down', a magic trick of investing or throwing good money after bad. We also ask, 'where next for BT', after its shock £530m Italian write-off, ponder the possibility that markets are already fed-up with Donald Trump, and discover the best deals for investment cash. We discuss why we think Vodafone is a top investment, look for assets to beat the inflation monster and find out how to cut your pension tax. There's also an investment trust that won't stay this cheap for long, plus loads of other interesting features, company news, our best investment ideas, market stats and much more.

Buying stocks as they fall is risky but can land investors with bigger gains

Look beyond the large caps for interesting telco sector investment opportunities

New report suggest companies won’t be as generous in 2017 as last year

Any hit to profit unlikely to be as bad as implied by share price collapse

Earnings upgrade scope and M&A upside are reasons to like the sector

£5m extra funding could fuel growth ambitions and higher dividend

Huge accounting malpractice discovery smashes profits

Market too gloomy on earnings and income potential

Acquisition accelerates shift towards higher quality business streams

Record sales and sterling boost help to drive up earnings

Shares are expensive for a reason

Student accommodation specialist has attractive earnings visibility and a tasty dividend yield

It only takes a few steps to strengthen your portfolio now the cost of living is going up

Grab a bargain before mainstream investors spot big changes

We look at why you should think very seriously about enhancing your retirement savings

Is there any merit in investing in this product class given poor performance?

A shift in consumer spending habits could lead to debt bubble

We look at some of the best rates available on Cash ISAs

Bre-X investment fraud is the inspiration behind new film

No wonder the company makes such big profit margins... it's mostly frozen water!

Market prices in £9.4m value to a contract that is worth peanuts

If you thought Tritax looks interesting, an even larger business could soon be listed in London

Average stock market returns after Republican election wins are not great

Could EU stocks break out of five-year funk?

Last year's commodity superstar gets the wooden spoon in 2017

The market could become disillusioned with the 45th US president

Drug company set to publish results on 2 February

The country delivered its best GDP growth for five years

Brick maker reliant on construction volume not price of new homes

Kitchen seller has the right tools to beat the Brexit blues

Amerisur announces another successful drilling result from Colombian asset

Capital structure reorganisation removes buying obstacle