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Trump could be key to boosting Russia’s fortune

Thursday 09 Feb 2017

The outlook for the Russian economy is one dividends the experts. On one hand the recent rise in the price of oil and recovery in Russia’s currency could point to a positive year ahead. Unfortunately the country is still dogged with political concerns, sanctions and an economic base that is not...

Brazil’s economy strangled by high cost of lending

Thursday 02 Feb 2017

The term ‘BRIC’ was coined in 2001 and referred to some emerging world economies. The ‘B’ was for Brazil – Russia, India and China made up the rest – and it’s an economy that seems to entice and worry investors in almost equal measure. Brazil is no backwater in world rankings. It is ninth in the...

Can Germany repeat 2016’s economic success?

Thursday 26 Jan 2017

Germany is often referred to as Europe’s powerhouse and with good reason. It is the largest European economy and the fifth biggest in the world measured by Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ). The latest numbers confirm its success. The economy last year expanded by 1.9%, the best performance since 2011...