magazine 20 Aug 2020

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This week’s main feature explores quality European names trading at reasonable valuations.

Shares also offers various investment ideas including a small cap with big growth opportunities and an electronic engineer whose shares are displaying strong momentum.

Find out about the hydrogen boom and what travel chaos is doing to airlines’ earnings forecasts.

Learn about managing a pension in your 50s and get insight into the companies which are resuming dividends.

Shares explains the factors that move a share price and the options for keeping tabs on your credit status.

Discover how Warren Buffett is reshaping his portfolio and how savings accrued in lockdown could boost a Junior ISA.

Change will not alter company’s valuation but may make it more accessible for some investors

Sales slump, savage job cuts revealed and much hinges on online groceries venture

Sector less reliable for income as BHP joins Glencore and Anglo American in scaling back its payout

Forecast earnings have been cut as airlines and tour operators miss out on crucial summer trading

Berkshire’s much-watched filing reveals some surprise portfolio changes

Forecast-beating results, game-changing contract wins and takeovers are just some of the catalysts that shift a stock

The continent is wrongly painted as full of cheap cyclicals but actually has superb growth companies

What to think about with your retirement pot in your sixth decade

There are good reasons to keep track of your financial profile

There is potential in the sector but UK-listed participants are priced for perfection

The German tech giant generates billions in revenue and profit every year

How spending deferred by lockdown could translate into a tidy nest egg for your children

More than £2.2 billion of payments have been declared by companies which previously paused the shareholder reward

Electronics engineering gem a stock to tuck away for the medium-to-longer-term

Our digital transformation idea for 2020 more than 57% up

Credit hire and legal services business is an AIM star in the making

Specialist services firm is holding up well to Covid-19 disruption

Recent first-half results demonstrated the resilience of the gas producer and its cash flow

Prices have rallied since the spring but still lagged equities

Our resident pensions expert Tom Selby explains how to claim back what you’re owed by HMRC