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Cut your bills: Invest in companies that help you save money

Thursday 24 Feb 2022

While average wages may have risen 3.6% last year in nominal terms, the rate of inflation as we exited 2021 was 5.4% and last month it accelerated to 5.5% so in real terms workers are actually less well off now than they were a year ago. To make matters worse, the Bank of England has forecast...

Best in class: funds and investment trusts with stamina and strength

Thursday 04 Nov 2021

'Form is temporary, class is permanent’ runs the old adage often used to describe sportsmen and sportswomen, though the maxim can also be applied in the investment industry, where you’ll find a cohort of collectives that consistently do the business for their holders. Funds that routinely...

US vs China – which is best for investors and where should you put your money?

Thursday 20 May 2021

There has been a simmering debate since the start of 2021 as to whether China might overtake the US as the engine of world growth over the coming decade. However, our belief is that ultimately the US will continue to rule the roost economically and politically for the rest of this decade. Its pro-...

Trump vs Biden

Thursday 29 Oct 2020

When America picks a new president next week, it’s more than likely to have an impact on your investment portfolio whatever the outcome. US voters go to the polls on 3 November to decide whether Republican candidate Donald Trump deserves another four years in office, or whether the Democrat’s Joe...

Shining a light on Europe

Thursday 20 Aug 2020

There are some great stocks across the Atlantic but you pay an increasingly high price for them. In this article we will explain why investors on the hunt for growth could look closer to home, casting their gaze across the Channel to Europe. LITTLE MARGIN FOR ERROR UK retail investors seeking ‘...

New China, new order

Thursday 13 Aug 2020

In one way or another, China has come to dominate the conversation in financial markets. Whether it’s insatiable Chinese demand for everything from steel to corn to luxury handbags, or its never-ending ding-dong with the US, or whether or not you believe its GDP figures, China seems to be a big...

Four funds to own in retirement

Thursday 11 Jun 2020

If you’ve recently retired, congratulations. After a lifetime of work, you can finally enjoy the fruits of your labour, including that pension pot which has been building up month after month, year after year, waiting for just this moment. Historically most of us would have used this sum of money...

Britain's biggest brands uncovered

Thursday 22 Aug 2019

Continuing our look at the FTSE 350, this week we consider consumer stocks and pick five of our favourites. Three are from the FTSE 100 and two are from the FTSE 250. We’ve woven our picks in with some brand-new market research on Britain’s Favourite Brands which came out at the start of the month...

Time to buy copper

Thursday 04 Jul 2019

If you’re an investor in copper, you would have had a tough time in the past decade. The price of the metal has almost halved compared to a decade ago, and some people think the price won’t pick up soon thanks to a dodgy global environment. It begs the question why you would bother investing in it...

Quality versus growth

Thursday 24 Nov 2016

Earnings in the US bucked a six quarter trend of declines in the three months to 30 September 2016 and there is increasing optimism about corporate profitability in Europe too. Buoyed by an improving earnings outlook and now an increasingly pro-growth agenda for government spending in a number of...