magazine 15 Nov 2018

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Compounding is one of the greatest gifts to investors who are able to sit tight and reinvest all their dividends. The new issue of Shares explains how it works.

Also this week: Are stocks in a bear market and does it matter? Shares also looks at ETFs getting active, investment trusts chasing unicorns and whether capital preservation funds are up to the job.

Find out about pension tax relief, why the dividend is so important at Vodafone and the select few small cap pharmaceutical stocks making a profit.

The digital magazine also features an article on how Blue Whale’s growth fund has become a top performer a year after launch.

How reinvested dividends unlock the benefits of a buy and hold approach

We explore the profitable companies in this notoriously high risk part of the market

Mobile telecoms giant lifts guidance while maintaining first-half payout

Groceries firms are struggling according to the latest round of sector data

Analysts stress a ban could take years to enforce and may not even happen

Consultant PwC takes the country’s economic temperature

More than £22m is ready for deployment as company pursues M&A value strategy

We take a look at this growing space, how to define it and the challenges it faces

We reveal how a hugely successful new fund approaches stock picking and differentiates itself from the crowd

How you can use investment trusts to invest in private growth companies

These funds aim to protect investors’ capital come rain or shine

We reveal ways to keep your costs down and help bolster your returns

We look at a new piece of research from Morgan Stanley as supplier warnings take a bite out of Apple

The conclusions to draw as the legendary investor turns away from fixed income

We discuss the impact on the food and drug supply chain

Inflation-benchmarked dividend is a powerful value creator for investors

The FTSE 100 pharma giant is now looking more attractive after a long period in the doldrums

Credit check company chalks up strong trading

We believe people are being too negative about the company’s prospects

AJ Bell expert Tom Selby helps explain the money you get on pension contributions