magazine 20 Apr 2017

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Being an eagle-eyed investor can help you minimise losses – either by avoiding bad investments or spotting red flag warning signs to get out quick. The new issue of Shares has five easy-to-follow steps that could help you make better investment choices.

We look at the snap UK general election from an investor’s perspective. And we discuss why a FTSE 250 asset manager could be good if you believe Donald Trump will fail to achieve his ambitious tax plans.

You will find articles on Tesco, Blue Prism, Primark’s owner and we reveal the one leisure stock that should thrive in one of the most difficult years for restaurant operators.

We’ve also got a new selection of investment trusts to protect your portfolio from rising inflation and a look at how our tips of the year are getting on. (Clue: they are significantly ahead of the market).

Our guide to red flags, corporate tricks and mastering the art of reading accounts

Its early days, but we’re ahead of the field with our key selections for 2017

Sterling jumps and blue chip stocks with overseas earnings fall

Software robotics group is racing ahead, although it remains a long way from making a profit

Hospital group also dodges potential tax hit in Switzerland

Remember Essenden? It’s back under a new name with growth avenues it previously struggled to find

Deal with Microsoft, but growth and funding questions remain

Foods-to-fashion conglomerate offers growth, income and resilience

Company is generating lots of cash to fund dividends, organic investment and M&A

Integrators may be new channel for CyanConnode

Restructuring of advertising technology supplier not finished yet

Acquisition brightens the outlook for cake decoration-to-premium bakery business

Miner strikes deal to buy smelter, but still needs to solve cash conundrum

Franco Manca’s low price and superb reputation should help Fulham Shore survive restaurant sector shake-out

Funds to buy as consumers’ spending power comes under pressure

A big downturn is stressful but panicking could damage your future returns

Election news brings markets back to earth after reflation and Trump rally

Thriving travel unit is a source of strength for books and stationery seller

Boost in US shale activity helps but outlook remains uncertain

Big increase in jobless claims in March is a concern

ETFs continue their surge with a record breaking start to 2017.

Shareholders richly rewarded over the past 14 years

The pharma giant has a tough year ahead after losing patent protection on major drug

Has rights issue done enough to address its debt problem?

Retail meat specialist is a play on global expansion

Asset manager riding high as emerging markets return to favour

Supermarket titan's recovery is ahead of Dave Lewis' expectations

Sales are fizzing higher at branded spirits minnow

We address some concerns over investing through these vehicles