magazine 9 Dec 2021

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Superstar small cap funds – discover how the top performing collectives pick winning stocks.

Fundsmith success: Shares talks to Smithson Investment Trust which has doubled in value in three years.

This week’s investment ideas include two stocks going cheap: one is a $102 billion industrial items specialist and the other is a global healthcare investor.

Discover why Hong Kong Stock Exchange could benefit from China’s crackdown on companies listing in the US, and how the market has so far missed an important piece news involving vaping.

Shares reveals the stocks with the biggest earnings upgrades and explores how loss aversion can trip up investors.

A new agreement could scupper the proposed £600 million sale to streaming service DAZN

The reaction to the departure of the social media giant's founder was revealing

Didi’s delisting from the US is a watershed moment for Chinese companies thinking about joining the stock market

Investors appear to have decided the new Covid-19 variant won’t derail economic growth

The coal producer faces volatile commodity prices and growing investor backlash against companies that are ‘anti ESG’

The market has been slow to pick up on the news with the big vaping companies yet to react

The downside is that small investors may have less of a voice

We find out how the top-performing managers in the smaller companies space make investment decisions

We explore the example of Centrica where emotions got in the way of facts

Valuations are not stretched when compared with earnings growth forecasts

Retailers also looking smart but travel and leisure stocks have been hit by Omicron

Two star fund managers have come unstuck in 2021, can they regain their mojo in 2022?

Discover the collectives with eyes on the East which have delivered year after year

The trust has been a strong performer and is sticking to a tried and tested strategy

The options available and how to make sure your loved ones benefit

High yields can be a sign of a business lacking growth or making the wrong capital allocation decisions

The maker of essential items is diversified, cash generative and undervalued

The batteries, vitamin and vaping supplier is exhibiting resilience and is off to a good start to the second half

A fall in PGM and chrome prices took the shine off strong numbers

Performance is improving and the medium-term outlook for the sector looks positive

The investment trust’s portfolio attracts yet another takeover bid

A reader wants to make a large contribution to their retirement savings and needs to understand the rules