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Danni Hewson

Can Ferrari’s former superstar drivers help Aston Martin turn the corner?

Thursday 12 May 2022

In the weeks before Aston Martin’s ( AML ) stock market listing four years ago Andy Palmer, who was CEO at the time, told investors the company didn’t make cars, it made dreams. Well, the dream has become something of nightmare with the value of shares down 93% since their peak in October 2018. The...

NFTs are all the rage but should investors bother with them?

Thursday 14 Apr 2022

If you had to search the internet for ‘non-fungible token’ or ‘NFT’ on the day Rishi Sunak announced he was asking the Royal Mint to create one, you’re probably not alone. While NFTs have a growing fanbase which resulted in $25 billion being spent on them by collectors and traders last year,...

Pubs and restaurants enjoy sales recovery but can it last?

Thursday 31 Mar 2022

I left it ridiculously late to book a restaurant for a Mother’s Day meal. Everywhere I tried couldn’t fit me in – decent weather meant one of the industry’s biggest money-making dates in the calendar should have been a good one for pubs and restaurants this year. Despite the well-documented...

Can Marks & Spencer keep its sparkle once turnaround CEO Steve Rowe steps down?

Thursday 17 Mar 2022

The trouble with fairy tales is they always come to an end; what investors can’t know is if Steve Rowe’s magic will last once the clock strikes midnight on the day of his departure. Marks & Spencer’s ( MKS ) outgoing CEO managed to deliver what many doubted was doable, he turned around the...

The companies chasing the electric vehicle opportunity

Thursday 03 Mar 2022

The boss of electric vehicle charging provider Pod Point ( PODP ) , Erik Fairbairn, recently told the Sunday Express he believed the switch to EVs (electric vehicles) would bring about the demise of the petrol station as we know it. It’s an interesting and not so far-fetched view of the future...

Subscription companies face new challenge post-pandemic

Thursday 17 Feb 2022

Paying a regular fee for a service is far from a new concept but over the last five years subscription services have mushroomed. Today you can sign up for pretty much everything from TV streaming to meal box deliveries, prescription refills, coffee bean fixes and gym classes. The pandemic became...

Still waiting for the big airline comeback

Thursday 03 Feb 2022

There’s little doubt that investors see 2022 as being the year that travel gets its mojo back, at least when it comes to Europe. While US airlines made decent headway in 2021 largely thanks to continued demand for domestic flights, European airlines have been hampered by complex travel restrictions...

Supermarkets’ fight goes beyond price

Thursday 20 Jan 2022

Shoppers might be salivating at the prospect of supermarket price wars but for investors the coming battle raises some interesting questions. Is price really the only weapon worth wielding, what kind of impact will the skirmishes have on profit margins, and can any of the traditional players really...

The opportunity ahead for get-fit stocks

Thursday 23 Dec 2021

It’s no coincidence that Christmas excess naturally gives way to resolutions of getting fit and fabulous. January is always the month when gyms get a bumper crop of sign-ups. But 2021 was different and whatever happens with Covid restrictions over the next few weeks, 2022 is shaping up in a similar...

Is the new Twitter boss maverick enough?

Thursday 09 Dec 2021

Big tech and maverick bosses go together like copy and paste or fish and chips. So, what should we read into the fact that when the jungle drums started beating, when it became clear that Jack Dorsey ( pictured ) was indeed stepping down from his position as Twitter head, the share price went up?...