magazine 20 Jun 2019

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ESG investing is entering the mainstream and is in hot demand. Shares launches the first of its two-part series on why environmental, social and governance issues matter to investors and how to get exposure.

Also this week: the stocks and commodities that could be affected by bad rain, activist investor targets, and the rules on company reporting.

Shares looks at the challenges facing Reckitt Benckiser’s new CEO and explores exchange-traded funds to play the US, Europe and China.

The digital magazine gives five ways to play renewed interest in the bond market and it reveals how much you need to enjoy a few simple luxuries in retirement.

Why it matters and how to get exposure

Why it matters and how to get exposure

Continent’s second largest mobile operator pins hope on £3.6bn market valuation

We look at the potential losers (and winners) from the summer of rain

Opportunistic investors are pouncing on fragile London-listed names to enforce change

Change at the top could see the new consumer goods boss follow the kitchen sink playbook  

We look at BlackRock Sterling Strategic Bond Fund and other collectives targeting fixed income markets

It will also stop paying dividends in the future

Manager Matthew Dobbs increases cash levels to decade-high amid weak growth and trade war concerns

Anaerobic digestion, biomass and hydro power could be part of its future

The steps you need to take to enjoy a comfortable post-work life

We have yet to see a sector-wide share price sell-off in the wake of bad weather

A lack of earnings upgrades is causing the market to tread water

How to keep up to date with company announcements

Don’t be fooled by the gambler’s recent share price slump as the future looks much brighter

Invesco Perpetual’s investment trust has fantastic track record of outperforming the market

Business continues to trade on a lowly rating

Digital transformation bolstering innovation bread and butter for UK technology expert

Sudden share-price sell-off should be seen as an opportunity to buy more stock at a lower price

ID technology specialist remains a unique international investment story

How low-cost passive tracker funds tap into different parts of the world

Discover the most popular products and how they play the ESG theme