magazine 17 May 2018

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Are you interested in funds with a track record of consistent outperformance? The new issue of Shares features 10 of these funds and explains to find other successful funds using a simple metric.

Also in this week’s digital magazine: Could you get 6% dividend yield from Royal Bank of Scotland? Three investment trusts to play the stronger oil price; and why ZPG’s £2.2bn takeover bid highlights the appeal of digital platform businesses.

Shares discusses the financial issues around early retirement and explains how a stock’s liquidity can affect your returns. Discover why gambling stocks are racing upwards and how investors have withdrawn large amounts of money from emerging markets.

We use the information ratio to spot investment products that have consistently done well.

What are bid/offer spreads, what do they mean for investors and what role do market makers play?

The bank is expected to pay its first dividend since 2008

Mixed opinion on whether it is offering enough

Flourishing fishing tackle specialist represents a rare retail success story

Outflows driven by ETFs with Russia out in the cold

Taxes, regulatory requirements and competition could all be obstacles for UK firms looking to capitalise on stateside opportunity

We explain what’s going on and reveal the views of several investment experts

Contrarian investors should hop behind the wheel at the UK’s sixth largest car seller

Marketing firm should be able to ride out short-term negativity towards the tech space

Livingbridge UK Micro Cap’s focus on profitable, sensibly valued growth tiddlers is a winning formula

Certain Latin America and emerging markets trusts are facing major headwinds

We look at the options for investors looking to gain exposure to crude

A new report calls for a £10,000 payment to over-25s and major changes to various parts of the tax system

Retiring before age 65 requires careful planning and considerable savings

Look for companies embracing technology to make customers’ lives easier

Telecoms giant sees scheme deficit soar as dividend is frozen

Walmart lays down the gauntlet to Amazon in gargantuan Asian economy

More than 20% of shareholders rebel on remuneration

Many of the consensus calls have been wrong in the first half of 2018

Retail bellwether to update the market on its recovery strategy

Amid lower spending by the UK's Ministry of Defence, investors are keen to hear the impact this has had on a large contractor

Management are aiming for 200p share price which looks achievable

Its shares trade at an unjustified discount to other internet-based businesses

The acquired high margin business looks a neat technology design fit

Gold miner is on a roll with strong production and costs well under control