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We round up the entire education series with links to every article

We have reached the conclusion of our series aimed at first-time investors.

Here you will find links to all the articles which cover the process of picking stocks, funds and investment trusts as well as reading balance sheets, finding information to support your investment decisions and a lot more.

We will continue to provide educational articles in Shares and we welcome any suggestions for future articles. Please drop us a line via email:


Getting started with investing
The difference in risk between cash, bonds and shares
Opening an investment account and making your first transaction
The impact of charges on returns
How much should you invest?
Choosing between a SIPP, ISA and dealing account
A guide to investment funds
What are stocks and shares?
A guide to bonds
Investing in property
Commodities and cryptocurrencies
Introduction to ETFs
Picking a fund
Picking an investment trust
How to invest in bonds
Building your first portfolio
Maintaining a portfolio
How you make money from shares
Understanding the stock market
Coming up with an investment strategy
Generating investment ideas and doing research
Accessing and understanding broker research
How to keep tabs on movements in the markets
The mechanics of the market
Buying an individual share
Share price catalysts
Directors deals
Company fundraisings
Options and warrants
Six simple investing rules
The price-to-earnings ratio 
The PEG ratio
Price to book
Enterprise value
Return on capital employed
The importance of cash flow
Understanding how companies are financed
Company management 
Major shareholders
Company AGMs and investor events 
Annual reports 
Income statements explained part 1
Income statements explained part 2
Balance sheet part 1
Balance sheet part 2
In-depth company analysis part 1
In-depth company analysis part 2
Putting it all together: part 1
Putting it all together: part 2


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