magazine 18 Jun 2020

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Fighting climate change: the funds and companies with positive solutions. Shares looks at different ways to invest in this space and how returns on many ethical investments have beaten the market.

Discover why global markets have bounced back after a lull and why Shares believes it is time to be more cautious on this year’s biggest biotech winners.

This week’s ideas include an investment trust that turns music royalties into generous dividends and an asset manager specialising in some of the most in-demand sectors.

Find out what’s happening with housebuilders, portals and estate agent shares, and learn why retail investors are still struggling to take part in share placings.

Follow these steps and you’ll soon become a confident investor

273% share price surge during lockdown puts the stock at a huge premium

Equities resume upward path as investors react to news from the other side of the Atlantic

There could be another wave of takeovers if markets fall back again

Investors will need to adopt a more discerning approach towards biotech now that the initial excitement is evaporating

The company’s earnings surge has raised its profile

Environmental and ethical investments have market-beating credentials

How companies with direct exposure to the space have performed and why      

Many property, debt and infrastructure trusts are disappointing income investors

The range of scams this year is very broad, from fake sales of pets and face masks to free TV licences

Investors are taking profits in some of the stocks that led the market rebound

Take profits as the takeaway company's latest update isn't as strong as we had hoped

The company’s strong specialist franchises should chime with a post-coronavirus world

Home repairs service continues to thrive despite wider uncertainty

The firm is acting quickly to adapt to the tougher environment

Hipgnosis Songs Fund is onto a winner with its fast-growing catalogue of songs

Member states look to tackle the developing Covid-19 crisis

The product offers the certainty of an annuity without committing your entire fund for life