magazine 10 Nov 2016

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The cost of everyday life is going up with inflation back on the agenda for the first time in years – can your savings and investments pass this stress test? In this week's Shares we explain why and which prices are on the rise and what it means for your long-term returns, with solutions and suggestions for you to take action. Plus, we take an in-depth look at Sirius Minerals' open offer fund raise – should you take part? - explain why political intervention can create investment opportunities in healthcare, dig deep into corporate pension deficits to reveal why they matter, plus there's loads of company news, market stats, our best investment ideas and much more.

How to protect your investment portfolio ahead the rising cost of living

Why The City of London Investment Trust is hitting the headlines

Step-by-step get to buying the miner’s shares below market price

Third quarter results imply lofty capital surplus

CEO Steve Rowe unveils strategy to return retailer to growth

Tobacco firm plans to boost expenditure as it tackles competitive threat

US oil company plans to join junior market before Christmas

Conglomerate highlights turnaround in sugar arm

Walkie talkie technology play in demand as buyout talks continue

Posh tonic water-to-ginger ale supplier continues to fizz along

Grocer is back on form but swirling sector headwinds remain

Broker reckons share price could increase seven-fold in next 12 months

Fifth hydrogen clean fuel deal

Engineer receives thumbs-up from Baillie Gifford investor Sneller

New business acceleration for cyber security minnow

Small cap retailer remains interesting despite trading setback

What to focus on when assessing deficit risks

Controversy is brewing as more investment trusts adopt a new way to pay for shareholder rewards

What are the best vehicles to use and how much should you invest?

New research back-tests the performance of different investments popular with retirees

Why it can pay to not follow the herd when looking for stock or fund ideas

Mobile and online vouchers market to soar

Stock market history lessons via Shares' back catalogue

The brains behind two successful investment trusts implies market worries are a good time to buy

Mail operator scheduled for half-year update

Housebuilder looking to match positive performance by rivals

Pallet maker aims to win back market support as it fixes problems

Hectorite mine is unique asset says hedge fund manager Hempton

Train stations-to-airport seller generates more than half its business outside the UK

Small cap miner is involved in several exciting projects