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What’s your view on the housebuilders?
Thursday 20 Oct 2016 Author: Daniel Coatsworth


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This week’s question...

What’s your view on the housebuilders?  Will share prices in the sector rise or fall over the next six months?


I am sceptical about the positive messages coming from the housebuilders. I can see a lot of unsold properties on the market where I live in London, or many that have ‘under offer’ signs which haven’t changed for months. I fear property market transactions will show a big decline by the end of the year. That could panic investors and see them sell their shares in housebuilders or at least trim positions.

Richard Pickson, Email


The housebuilders are in much better shape than the last time the economy went into decline. I hold them for income and won’t be selling any – even if you do see some negative property market data. I find it hard to believe people will stop buying houses. Profits may be reduced at the housebuilders, but they are survivors.

L.Sidcombe, Email


(Shares prices will go) Down. Affordability will dampen demand.

@DaveAtkins3, Twitter


Depends on balance between the £2.5bn promised to housebuilders by Government and the effect of increased costs due to pound devaluation.

@harry_southdown, Twitter


Sideways. I can’t see housebuilders doing much in 2017 apart from wiggling around and decent dividends.

@wheeliedealer, Twitter


I own shares in three housebuilders and have no intention of selling. Supply still falls short of demand and will continue to do so.

@RodneyHobson, Twitter


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